Chapter 1030

Chapter 1030: Something Happened


Mo Xiaotu’s body became stiff. She peeked at Xiao Chi, who was obediently learning to use chopsticks, and her cheeks blushed. She immediately ran away with her face covered.

Oops, she was angry just now, but she forgot that she hadn’t washed her face yet!

Such ugly and silly look was actually seen by Xiao Chi’s brother, she didn’t want to live!

Hexi was amused by this girl’s cute look, then Gu Liufeng came in at this time. She couldn’t help asking, “Did Little Egg and the others went to buy gifts?”

Gu Liufeng nodded and smiled: “En, they said they want to bring some souvenirs for Xi Jia and the children of the Virtue Home. Little Egg suggested, then Little Golden Dragon, Little Cow and Xiao Li all went with them. “

Hexi breathed a sigh of relief, but she was still a little worried. She spreading 1 hand, and purple vines emerged from her palm and shook slightly, conveying a hint of intimacy.

At this moment, Bai Hu also walked in from outside the door and just heard their conversation. Seeing Hexi’s nervous look, he couldn’t help but smiled, “Princess, you are still worried about those little guys! They are all ferocious, in Little Egg’s words, it’s max combat power. You should worry about those who provoke them instead of these little ones!”

Hexi had also learned from Purple Abyss Vine at this time that a branch vine of Little Purple was following Little Egg. With the protection of Little Purple, they shouldn’t have any problems. This was she was really relieved.

Gu Liufeng smiled gently, “I have already told Little Egg and the others that we will leave at noon, so they will definitely be back at noon.”

However, after noon, Little Egg and the others did not come back.

Hexi’s face became dignified, but she was still hoping that the few little guys just forgot the time for fun.

However, Purple Abyss Vine, which suddenly shook in her hand, broke her illusion.

The clone of Purple Abyss Vine had about 60% to 70% of the attack and defense power of Purple Abyss Vine, but because it had almost no intelligence, the information that could be conveyed to the original body was very limited.

From the news sent back from the Purple Abyss Vine clone, Hexi could only know that something really happened to Little Egg and the others.

It was the first time that Nangong Yu saw Hexi’s panic, and her face even turned pale.

He hugged Hexi with distress and said softly, “Xi’er, don’t worry. These spirit beasts have signed a contract with you. Although there may be many ways to block the contract with the owner and the spiritual pet in Miluo Continent, at least you can confirm through the contract whether they are still safe.”

Hexi’s eyes widened suddenly. She quickly closed her eyes to feel the contracts in her body.

Soon, there were several rays of light on her left hand, and there were magnificent totems looming on it.

But to Nangong Yu’s surprise, in addition to the totem on her left hand, a faint fluorescent light was also lit up on Hexi’s heart.

The light was still colorful, and it was flickering as if it was breathing.

Moreover, because of the emergence of this light, Nangong Yu actually had a strange feeling that his body and soul were gently comforted by a powerful and soft vitality.

His cultivation that didn’t progress for a long time actually had a slight change at this moment.

But soon, Hexi opened her eyes with a relieved expression. She said in a low voice, “Fortunately, they are still alive, and they don’t seem to have suffered any injuries.”

As Hexi opened her eyes, the strange power disappeared instantly as if it had never existed.