Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032: 1032

Chapter 1032: Tired of Living

At this time, Yunlan Sect was in a mess as if being blown by a tornado.

The square was full of injured people who were being helped to walk in; some were still lying on the ground, weeping and moaning.

Some people couldn’t help but look at the distant sky with lingering fears on their faces and said, “I didn’t expect the few small spiritual pets that seem to be completely non-threatening are actually so powerful. Alas, this time, Yunlan Sect really suffered a heavy loss!”

“Yeah!” The other person clutched his painful chest and coughed a few times, “Fortunately those benefactors came in time, otherwise our entire Yunlan Sect would have to be overturned by those little beasts. I didn’t expect it that even the elder of Yunlan Sect is not the opponent of those little beasts.”

“However, this is also considered a blessing in disguise…cough cough…” A man wearing Yunlan Sect’s elite costumes, although his face was ugly, he still showed a sly smile, “We have fought with those spiritual pets, so you should know how special and powerful those spiritual pets are. Now that we hand over these pets, the benefits we can get in the future will be endless!”

“Hehe, Senior Fellow Apprentice Feng is right. Thanks to Elder Li for connecting us to the benefactors. If our Yunlan Sect’s people can be sent there in the future, our future is limitless!”

“It’s a pity that we just let go of those little bastards just like that; they even injured so many of us! I really want to peel their skin and cut off their tendons to dispel my hatred! “

“Hmph, Junior Fellow Apprentice Zhao, do you think those little beasts will have a good life? Haha~”

As they were talking and laughing, the door that had just been closed suddenly emitted a loud noise.

Immediately afterward, the heavy metal door made a creaking sound as if overwhelmed, then the heavy lock fell and the door was pushed open.

Yunlan Sect’s disciples were surprised at first, but when they saw that it was just a few young men, they were all furious.

1 of the middle-aged men in charge of the general affairs walked up with an impatient look, “Leave, Yunlan Sect is not accepting guests today. Didn’t you see that we are all busy? Come back another day!”

However, before the middle-aged man finished speaking, a purple shadow whizzed past.

He only felt that his neck was tight, and he was picked up by something around his neck.

A clear moving but frosty voice sounded in his ears, “Where are the spiritual pets you caught?”

“Wh… what spiritual pets? Don’t talk nonsense!” The middle-aged steward rolled his eyes and shouted sharply, “You… how dare you. Do you know what this place is? You dare to cause trouble in our Yunlan Sect? Are you tired of living!”

Hexi laughed lowly, “Yes, it is indeed tired of living.”

The middle-aged steward showed a smug smile, thinking she was scared, but his eyes widened in horror the next moment.

There was a frightening clicking sound from his neck, accompanied by bone breaking pain and the sound of blood gurgling out.

The middle-aged manager widened his mouth, making a clicking sound. Then, after a snap sound, his entire neck was broken. His head rolled down from his neck.


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