Chapter 1034

Chapter 1034: Who Is It?!

Almost, our Yunlan Sect almost lost to a few spiritual pets.

Fan Guangxuan sighed, then he looked at Li Zhenyu who was sitting below, “This time, thanks to Elder Li’s decisive decision. We contacted Elder Cheng when we caught those little beasts. Otherwise, we would not only make such a big contribution, but we might suffer a big loss instead.”

Li Zhenyu, who was sitting in the first place, still looked pale at this time. His chest was wrapped with thick gauze and was fixed with a splint. Even when he spoke or acted, there were pains coming from his chest.

Therefore, when Li Zhenyu heard Fan Guangxuan’s words, he first smiled, then his facial expression was distorted. The fire of anger and hatred in his eyes could not be covered up, “Hmph, Xi Yue, they dare to ruin my Li Family, I also want to let them have the taste of losing their precious things. Those little beasts are all amazing and extraordinary, and their breeds are so peculiar. Now that they are lost, I believe that bitch Xi Yue will definitely feel distressed for a while! Cough cough cough…”

“What’s more, such spiritual pets are really rare, the elders of the Doctors Association will be very satisfied. Elder Cheng has promised that he will never forget the credit of our Yunlan Sect. When Elder Cheng returns, we will get a lot of benefits!”

Fan Guangxuan laughed heartily; his eyes filled with ambitious light.

The other elders of the Yunlan Sect also stood up to congratulate each other, and their faces were full of smiles with You Rongyan.

“In this Miluo Continent, who didn’t know that building a bridge with the Doctors Association will get a lot of benefits. Especially this Elder Cheng, I heard that he has a big position in the miracle healer college. If some of our Yunlan Sect’s disciples can be recruited, then our Yunlan Sect will grow even big in the future!”

“Hmph, Qingxia Sect is now getting more arrogant relying on the supply of medicinal pills from the Shengde Hall. They now completely look down on our Yunlan Sect, the second largest sect of Tian Gang Kingdom. They even dare to blacklist our entire Yunlan Sect and stopped us from buying the best quality pills. This is really absurd!”

“Haha, we have now built a connection with the Doctors Association. Soon, Qingxia Sect will become our stepping stone, and we will be the number 1 sect of Tian Gang Kingdom!”

Li Zhenyu listened to the discussion with his eyes shining as if he had seen his glorious future.

However, just as they were thinking about the glorious future, they suddenly heard a loud “bang” from the door.

Immediately afterward, a dark shadow flew in like a cannonball from the door, and it slammed into the position of 1 of the laughing elders.

He heard a loud “bang“. Immediately afterward, the elder let out a heart-piercing shout.

The mahogany chair sitting under him shattered and collapsed to the ground. Sawdust mixed with dust was scattering in the hall.

When the dust dissipated, everyone was shocked looking at the elder who had been hit.

2 corpses laid horizontally on the ground. 1 had broken bones all over his body. His face was mutilated.

The other one was the elder. He had already been dead.

That… that’s the elder of the Gold Core Stage, how could he be killed just like… like this?!

Fan Guangxuan abruptly stood up from his position and shouted at the door, “Who is it?!”

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