Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035: Act Wildly

As soon as he spoke, a pretty young man walked in slowly from the door.

The young man had long eyebrows and phoenix eyes, snow-white skin, and facial features that were comparable to the snow lotus on the towering mountain.

His appearance was obviously alluring and gorgeous, but one could forget about his look by looking at the frosty expression and the icy light in his eyes, arousing a sense of scrupulous and fear in one’s mind.

Li Zhenyu stood up abruptly when he saw the visitor. He gritted his teeth and said, “Xi Yue, you dare to come to Yunlan Sect!!”

The visitor was naturally Hexi, as well as Nangong Yu, Qing Long, Bai Hu, Qing Luan and Gu Liufeng behind her.

As for Mo Xiaotu and Shen Qingchuo, she let them stay in the city.

Hexi glanced at Li Zhenyu with a cold gaze, “Li Zhenyu, I used to treat you as a clown, so I just taught you a lesson without taking your life. But it seems, you’re tired of living!”

Li Zhenyu clutched his painful chest, stared at Hexi fiercely, and suddenly laughed, “Xi Yue, you came to my Yunlan Sect, and you still dare to speak arrogantly. You really think with those Gold Core Stage people behind you, you can do whatever you want in my Yunlan Sect!”

Yunlan Sect is the largest sect in the Cang Ming Kingdom. There are dozens of martial artists in the Gold Core Stage, and there is also a patriarch of the Nascent Soul stage who is currently retreating in the back mountains.

If Xi Yue thinks he can run wild in Yunlan Sect after showing off in the Jin Ling Kingdom and Yongan City, he is really having a whim!

Thinking of this, the pain and hatred on Li Zhenyu’s face turned into a proud arrogance.

He was originally worried about the forces of the Qingxia Sect in Yongan City, so he let go of Xi Yue. He didn’t expect her to come to Yunlan Sect herself.

“Haha, you really want to dig your own grave!” Li Zhenyu suddenly laughed, “Cough cough cough… Xi Yue, I want you to taste the consequence of being arrogant today. “

As he said, he turned to Fan Guangxuan and said in a deep voice, “Sect master, this person is Xi Yue, the Shengde Hall’s owner and the person who really provides the best quality pill for Qingxia Sect. As long as we can control this person in our hands, do we still have to worry that we can’t grow faster and stronger than the Qingxia Sect?”

Fan Guangxuan’s pupils contracted abruptly, and his breathing became a little short.

The other elders on the side also looked over with greedy faces.

When Li Zhenyu saw the expressions of Fan Guangxuan and the other elders, he had guessed their thoughts. He was even more confident in his heart and continued, “In addition, there is one more thing, sect master, this Xi Yue is not just the owner of Shengde Hall. Even the spiritual pets we caught in the morning are all his. He can get such rare best quality pills and tame such special spiritual pets, even if he can’t be of our use, we can just hand him to the Doctors Association…”

Fan Guangxuan took a deep breath. His voice was slightly low and hoarse, “But he and the Qingxia Sect have deep connections. If Qingxia Sect knows…”

Li Zhenyu sneered and said, “Sect master, if we handle this matter carefully, who will know Xi Yue came to our Yunlan Sect? Qingxia Sect won’t even know!”

Fan Guangxuan’s eyes flashed, and he let out a burst of laughter.

When these people were talking, Hexi and others watched their performance quietly.

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