Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036: So Much Nonsense

Gu Liufeng smiled lightly, “Probably, they are used to being aloof and can’t recognize their situation for a while.”

Fan Guangxuan listened to their careless attitude of looking down at them, and he was filled with anger. He said coldly, “Just a few martial artists of the Gold Core Stage, and you think you are invincible. You dare to act wild in my Yunlan Sect! Brothers, let’s teach them how to be humble!”

“It’s really noisy!” Nangong Yu, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly spoke slowly, “Since they don’t recognize the situation, let them take a good look themselves.”

As soon as Nangong Yu finished his words, he flicked his sleeve.

Suddenly, a rumbling sound resounded in the hall, and the roof above it collapsed in a crack. With just a second, it was actually turned into dust.

Fan Guangxuan and others standing in the hall were all horrified, looking toward the front of the hall.

When they saw the scene in front of them clearly, they all took a quick breath. The original arrogance on their faces turned into deep fear and amazement instantly.

There were hundreds of martial artists in black armor standing on the square outside the Yunlan Sect’s hall.

They lined up neatly one by one, blocking every exit of Yunlan Sect tightly.

In the square, the Yunlan Sectdisciples who were in the process of healing the wounds were lying silently on the ground at this time.

The entire Yunlan Sect, the original lively and noisy Yunlan Sect, now looked like a ghost town. There was neither a sound or a person there.

A deep fear surged in Fan Guangxuan’s heart. He tremblingly pointed at Xi Yue and said with sharp and hurried tone, “You, who are you? These… Who are these people?!”

Hexi stepped forward, and the purple vines in her hand flew out like streamers flying all over the sky.

Fan Guangxuan was shocked, and he was about to cast a magic weapon to resist.

Suddenly, a pressure made him feel terrified. He seemed to be drowned in the icy blood for a while, making him unable to move a bit.

All the elders in the hall also had the same feeling.

Each of them was horrified. They could only watch the purple vines released by Hexi sweeping over, but their bodies were unable to move because of the overwhelming spiritual pressure.

After a while, all the elders in the hall were firmly tied up by purple vines and placed in a row in front of Hexi.

Hexi walked slowly in front of Li Zhenyu, and the tip of the purple vine lifted his chin. Her cold voice was murderous, “Go ahead, Li Zhenyu, where did you send my spiritual pets? If you tell me, I might give you a quick death!”

Li Zhenyu’s eyes widened, staring at her closely as if looking at a monster, “You… who are you? What are those troops? Those… those are not Qingxia Sect’s disciples. What are they…”

“Too much nonsense!” Hexi sighed softly, “I don’t have the patience to listen to you.”

After speaking, she lightly sprinkled a handful of silver powder in her hand.

Li Zhenyu’s voice stopped abruptly.

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