Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039: Submissive

As soon as he answered, he turned into a blue light and disappeared into the mountains.

Not many people know that Qing Long had reached the Gold Core Stage perfect stage as early as 10 years ago, and he had been trying to break through 5 years ago. Because of his cultivation method, he had been suppressing his cultivation at the Gold Core Stage so that he could have a stronger strength after the breakthrough.

However, his strength had gradually surpassed the Nascent Soul early stage master in the past few years. After the battle in the Liu Li Sect, he even had the strength to kill the Nascent Soul early stage master.


Under the cloudless blue sky, an ordinary-looking airship was moving fast in the sky.

The aircraft was not big. There was only 1 cabin and 2 rooms, but the layout inside was luxurious and comfortable.

At this time, in the corner of the airship room, a huge cage was placed.

Inside the cage were Little Egg, Little Golden Dragon, Xiao Li and Little Dumb Cow.

On the side of a jade-carved seat, there was a middle-aged man with eagle eyes and high nose sitting on it. His appearance was not very eye-catching, but his hands were quite a bit longer than ordinary people. They were thin and dark. They were just as creepy as the spider legs.

At this time, the middle-aged man was looking at a few small spiritual pets who were in a coma with admiration and satisfaction.

Suddenly, a man’s low voice came beside him, “Elder Cheng is really good. You actually get the spiritual pets of Xi Yue. I’ve fought with these spiritual pets, and they have pretty good skills. Even ordinary Gold Core Stage martial artists will suffer a loss under their hands, but now in the hands of Elder Cheng, they are so submissive.”

The middle-aged man immediately looked prouder as he looked at the young man next to him.

The young man had clear facial features. Although he was handsome, he gave a gloomy feeling to others. It turned out to be Feng Yunjing who appeared in Yanjing City a few days ago.

It turned out that after Feng Yunjing escaped from death at the Nalan Mansion, he returned to Feng Family with the body of Hall Master Zheng without stopping for a moment.

Feng Family was in a commotion because of the death of Hall Master Zheng and the speech prohibition art on Feng Yunjing.

They also heard the rumor that Nalan Mansion was razed to the ground, so they knew that the speech prohibition art was related to the disappearance of Nalan Mansion.

However, no matter what method they used, there was no way to find anything wrong with Feng Yunjing.

The speech prohibition art was clearly cast, but they couldn’t even trace the speech prohibition art.

With this alone, they could imagine how powerful the person who razed Nalan Mansion was.

The more so, the more Feng Family’s members wanted to know about this person from Feng Yunjing.

Feng Yunjing was also worried about the speech prohibition art on his body, which was like a time bomb. If he accidentally leaked it, he would be dead like Hall Master Zheng.

So in the end, the elders of the Feng Family got the conclusion was that if the speech prohibition art on Feng Yunjing could really be solved by someone, then only the President of the Doctors Association, Lu Xuyang, could do it.

Lu Xuyang was the most amazing genius in the entire Miluo Continent except Nangong Yu. He was not only proficient in medical skills, but also arrays and some rare spells.

If they found Lu Xuyang, then perhaps Feng Yunjing’s speech prohibition art could be solved.

However, Feng Yunjing contacted the people in the Doctors Association, only to learn that Lu Xuyang was not in the association now, but he went to Miracle Healer Academy. Thus, Feng Yunjing hurried over.