Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040: Can Even Sleep Like This

Who knows, he happened to run into Elder Cheng and the little ones he had caught.

Feng Yunjing almost recognized these spiritual pets when he saw them. They were Xi Yue’s.

Elder Cheng slightly licked his lips and said, “Why is Young Master Feng so sure that these spiritual pets are Xi Yue’s?”

Xi Yue! Nowadays, no one in the medical field of the Miluo Continent didn’t know this name! Especially the elders of the Doctors Association couldn’t wait to dig out the best quality pill formula and the pill refiner behind Xi Yue immediately.

Feng Yunjing nodded and said, “I said that I have fought against these spiritual pets and will never recognize mistakenly. And I also know that Xi Yue treasures her spiritual pets very much, so as long as the spiritual pet is in the hands of Elder Cheng, she will come to you sooner or later.”

And as long as Xi Yue comes, he will never escape from my hands.

Elder Cheng snorted coldly when he heard the words, and a murderous light flashed in his eyes, “Hmph! Xi Yue, just an inexperienced kid, dares to go against the Doctors Association! I want to see how good he is.”

With that said, Elder Cheng flicked his sleeves, got up and walked out.

Feng Yunjing smiled slightly and walked out.

After the 2 left the cabin, Little Dragon who was in a coma in the cage suddenly opened his eyes and looked around.

After confirming that there was no one on the side and would not be found, he hurriedly pushed the small partner beside him from behind.

With a push, Xiao Li immediately opened her eyes. Her beautiful and cute smiling face was sober. She didn’t look drowsy at all.

After the little girl sat up, she was not panicked or excited, but she lowered her eyes with worry and contemplation.

Little Golden Dragon glanced at her and didn’t say anything, then turned around and pushed Little Egg and Little Dumb Cow.

Who knows, these two little guys didn’t even react at all.

Little Golden Dragon suddenly panicked. Did old man’s trick work on them?

He flew toward Little Egg. As he was about to shout anxiously, a low snoring sound suddenly came into his ears.

Take a closer look, Little Golden Dragon was dumbfounded. He couldn’t wait to slap these 2 guys into pig heads.

It turned out that these two little guys were not injured, but fell asleep.

Little Egg’s pink and tender pig’s nose still made a snoring sound; he really slept soundly!

Little Golden Dragon raised his paws angrily and slapped their heads.

“Hmm! Bad guy, want to fight!?” Little Egg leaped up and clutched his small paws into punches. He was ready to fight.

Little Dumb Cow blinked his eyes and sat up stupidly. He obviously still didn’t know the current situation.

Little Golden Dragon slapped Little Egg’s head angrily and shouted in a low voice, “You’re looking for a fight! Big lazy pig, you can even fall asleep like this! You might as well sleep to death!”

Even Xiao Li, who was worried, was amused by the cute looks of Little Egg and Little Cow’s dumb looks.

“Huh?” Little Egg rubbed his head, looked at the surroundings and suddenly became fully awake, “Eh, where are we? Why are we in the cage? Oh, Little Dragon, you’re awake!”

Little Golden Dragon glanced at him and said, “Nonsense, what I’m awake? I didn’t sleep at all! Really, if we rely on you 2 fools, we must be sold.”

Little Egg was a little embarrassed at once. He touched his paws and said stutteringly, “Um, uh, Little Golden Dragon don’t be angry! I know I’m wrong. Don’t… don’t we have to pretend to fall asleep? Isn’t it more realistic to really fall asleep??”