Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041: Inform Miss

Little Golden Dragon snorted coldly. He still put up a stern face, but he somewhat softened his attitude, “You guys should be alert to me, this old man is a master of Nascent Soul stage. I also saw that pervert Feng Yunjing also came. We aren’t their opponents when they join forces. If some of us are injured, how should we explain to boss when we go back!”

Xiao Li frowned immediately upon hearing this. She said anxiously, “Miss can’t find us. She must be worried about us now.”

Little Egg heard that Hexi would be worried, and he immediately said with a flat mouth, “Will mom be angry? She is most unhappy that we risked wildly and put ourselves in danger. Mom will definitely ignore us when we go back!”

Little Golden Dragon also said with a bitter face, “The point is that we didn’t leave any message to boss before disappearing. It’s strange if boss is not worried!”

It turned out that when these 4 little ones went to Yongan City to buy things in the morning, but they were ambushed by Li Zhenyu and Yunlan Sect’s people in a remote alley.

No matter how small the enmity was, they would revenge no matter how. Li Zhenyu wanted to harm Hexi numerous times, and now he even wanted to rob them. How could these little ones let them go easily?

So, when Li Zhenyu and the others spilled the medicinal powder, Little Golden Dragon and the others pretended to faint and were carried back to Yunlan Sect by them.

But in fact, this kind of knockout drug was not a problem for Little Egg who had countless kinds of antidote in his body.

Although the poison was detoxified, Little Golden Dragon and the others pretended to be unconscious and went to Yunlan Sect along the way.

When everyone in Yunlan Sect relaxed their vigilance, they suddenly rushed out and relied on their agile movements to fool those Yunlan Sect’s disciples and elders around.

Yunlan Sect clearly had more than a dozen Gold Core Stage masters, but they were all flustered. When they nearly caught the little ones, they escaped from their hands.

The entire Yunlan Sect was in chaos. During the period, they stole a lot of treasures. Fan Guangxuan was infuriated.

It was a pity that happiness breeds sorrow.

Just when the little ones were done fooling them and were about to leave Yunlan Sect, an old man riding an aircraft descended from the sky.

This old man turned out to be a master at the Nascent Soul stage. Although Little Egg had good skills, they were already overwhelmed to deal with the dozen of Gold Core Stage martial artists with their endless strange techniques.

Facing the Nascent Soul stage master, how could they fight back. The old man even sprinkled a more advanced knockout drug on them.

Even Little Egg and Xiao Li almost fainted when they inhaled it.

If Little Egg didn’t let the others take the antidote quickly, they would really fall asleep now.

However, because they did not have the power to resist, all of them were stuffed into a special cage by the old man. Little Egg originally wanted to let Little Dumb Cow use teleport to escape, but he couldn’t do it.

Just when the little guys were at a loss, there was a chattering voice from the window.

As soon as Xiao Li looked up, she saw a colorful hummingbird resting on the window edge, chirping at her.

Xiao Li’s eyes suddenly lit up, and she was overjoyed and said, “It’s Little Hummingbird! Great, I have a way to notify miss.”

After listening to Xiao Li’s instructions, the humming bird flew out of the window and disappeared into the sky.

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