Chapter 1042

Chapter 1042: Long Admiration


Little Egg looked at Xiao Li with admiration and said with shining eyes, “Sister Xiao Li, you are so smart and amazing! Why do birds listen to you!”

Xiao Li’s face blushed slightly, and she whispered: “I hope Little Hummingbird can inform Miss.”

“Aiya!” Little Egg suddenly thought of something, and he said anxiously, “But that pervert is here too, how? If mom comes, she will be bullied by that pervert again?”

Xiao Li couldn’t help but curiously asked, “What is pervert?”

“Pervert means… very very bad! Very wretched and annoying!” Little Egg clenched his small fists and said angrily, “Every time that pervert sees mom, he wants to take advantage of mom. He is really bad!”

Xiao Li let out a cry and covered her face. Her clear eyes were full of confusion and worry, “What should we do then?”

Little Golden Dragon sneered, “Don’t worry, have you forgotten that boss still has your daddy with her? Nangong Yu is amazing! He can definitely teach that pervert Feng Yunjing a lesson, I’m afraid he will leave now!”


Hexi knew from the very beginning that Xiao Li had the ability to communicate with animals, so when she saw the -stop spiritual hummingbird chirping around her nonstop, she immediately followed the spiritual hummingbird.

The speed of the spiritual hummingbird was extremely fast, and the speed of Hexi’s flying sword had reached its limit. However, within the time of an incense, they caught with the aircraft flying ahead.

When Hexi and the others approached the aircraft, Elder Cheng and Feng Yunjing immediately sensed it.

Feng Yunjing’s eyes looking at Hexi were full of possessiveness.

After knowing the true identity of Xi Yue, he wanted to get this woman even more. He wanted to own her body and the secret on her.

Elder Cheng looked up and down this beautiful young man with unkind eyes. It was this man who let his talented disciple Zhu Que lose power in the King of Hell Mansion and even died. It was also the Shengde Hall ran by this man that caused the Doctors Association to fall into an unprecedented crisis.

If he brought this person back to the Doctors Association, the president and other elders would be very happy.

Thinking of this, he took a step forward and slowly smiled, “Mr. Xi, I really admire your name for a long time!”

Hexi and said solemnly with a cold face, “Where are my spiritual pets?”

“Your spiritual pets are naturally well received in the cabin.” Feng Yunjing intercepted the elder words and said in a low tone, “Xi Yue, if you want to see the spiritual pets, come on in this aircraft now.”

Hexi chuckled, but her eyes were full of murderousness, “Good! Very good! You better not let me see my spiritual pets being hurt.”

As soon as she finished, she flew into the sky. Instead of rushing toward the aircraft, she pointed the Li Shui Sword in the sky and slashed down abruptly.

Feng Yunjing had seen Hexi’s Flying Flower Sword Rain, but he didn’t take it seriously.

However, when the sword rain fell from the sky, the entire flying boat shook violently.

The protective shield that originally covered the flying boat shattered, and the doctors who served Elder Cheng on the flying boat screamed and fell onto the deck.

Everything on the flying boat was swaying, and even the things in the cabin slipped out because of the shock.

“Ahh—! I’m going to fall!!”

“Wahh! Stupid cow, move away!”

“Stupid pig head and dumb cow, be careful not to hurt Xiao Li!”

Because of this violent shaking, a huge cage rolled out of the cabin and hit the ship’s side heavily.

A few familiar voices came out from the cage.