Chapter 1043

Chapter 1043: Really Bold

When her eyes fell on Little Egg and other little guys, she finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Little Egg, who was thrown dizzy, grabbed the cage and stood up. Seeing Hexi not far away, he suddenly cried out in surprise, “Moom, you are finally here!”

Little Golden Dragon and Xiao Li also straightened up happily, looked at Hexi, and shouted, “Miss/Boss!”

Elder Cheng and Feng Yunjing, who had finally stabilized the swaying flying boat on the deck, looked ugly, and they looked at Hexi with scrupulous.

Feng Yunjing’s gaze became more scorching. His figure suddenly flashed and appeared before Hexi.

His presumptuous eyes were full of lust and domineering. He looked up and down Hexi’s beautiful face, then he said hoarsely, “I didn’t expect your cultivation to improve by a lot after we parted for a few months. Should I be surprised by your amazing talents or should I be curious about what kind of adventure you have gotten? Within just half a year, how did you turn from a useless person without cultivation into a genius that can rival the Gold Core Stage martial artists?”

Hexi squinted slightly, and a hint of shock flashed past his eyes.

The meaning of Feng Yunjing’s words doesn’t seem simple. What does he know?

Feng Yunjing laughed and said, “Or, I shouldn’t call you Xi Yue, but… Nalan Hexi?”

When he said this, Feng Yunjing’s eyes were fixed on Hexi’s face, wanting to see panic from her face.

However, he was disappointed. Hexi slowly sneered, “Feng Yunjing, your news is really good. Since you have found out that my name is Nalan Hexi, do you see who razed Nalan Family to the ground?”

When Hexi said this, Feng Yunjing shivered instinctively.

The man in red clothes that made him surrender and feel fear and despair seemed to appear before him again; the speech prohibition art that made him feel threatened all the time also got into his mind.

His face turned gloomy, and he said coldly, “Xi Yue, you escaped from my hands in Breaking Spirit Mountain last time, but this time, you are not so lucky. No matter how much your cultivation has improved, you aren’t my opponent. This time, I will let you be my woman immediately…”

Before Feng Yunjing finished his words, he hurriedly back away in shock.

But it was too late. He only felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. A piece of meat and bone was sliced off by a sword aura.

The white bones and gushing blood made Feng Yunjing’s face distorted. He stared at the figure behind Hexi.

A tall man appeared behind Hexi from nowhere, then he hugged Hexi into his arms with his long arm.

“Nangong Yu——!!!” Feng Yunjing gritted his teeth and spit out these 3 words. Pain, hatred and fear intertwined and surged into his heart, causing his face to turn hideous.

The person was naturally Nangong Yu who had eliminated Yunlan Sect and caught up with Hexi.

Nangong Yu hugged Hexi lightly, but his eyes with a hint of smile fell on Feng Yunjing.

That smile obviously looked gentle, but it always gave a sense of creepy horror.

His slender finger gently stroked Hexi’s temple hair as he said slowly, “Feng Yunjing, you are so bold. Ever since the incident in Breaking Spirit Mountain, I didn’t settle the account with you, but you come to me yourself. It seems that you really can’t wait to die immediately!”