Chapter 1299: Testify

Chapter 1299: Testify

However, strangely, not many students of Huang Medical Branch retreated. Even more than 90% of them still stood by Hexi’s side.

People kept shouting, “Xi Yue is wronged! Who didn’t know that Ren Xueling and Xi Yue had a grudge?”

In fact, they were not familiar with Xi Yue, but the arrival of Xi Yue had changed their lives. They saw hope from despair and decadence.

If there was anyone who didn’t want Xi Yue to leave Miracle Healer Academy, it was definitely the people from the Huang Medical Branch.

On the high platform, the thin old man waved his hand and said, “Bring her to me, whether she is the trespasser or not, we will know after searching her soul!”

“No way!” Zeng Shouyue, who had been holding back among the elders, finally couldn’t sit still. He rushed out with a red face, “Xi Yue is the most talented disciple in my Huang Medical Branch, I will never allow you to ruin him like that!”

“You don’t allow… hahaha?” The arrogant young man beside the thin old man laughed loudly, “Old fool, do you know who you are? You even said not allow to my master? I don’t if he is a genius of the Huang Medical Branch. Even the top elite of your academy, if my master wants him to die, he must die!”

Zeng Shouyue’s whole body was trembling. The spiritual power in his body was about to explode.

How many years did he wait for Xi Yue, a proud student. Moreover, because Xi Yue’s talent in pill refining inspired him, even his pill refining level had improved during this time.

Such a student, how could he watch her die?

However, before Zeng Shouyue rushed out, he was stopped by Elder Huang who befriended him.

Elder Huang shook his head at him with pain and resentment on his face and said in a low voice, “Shouyue, do you want more people to die in the academy? We can’t go against them.”

While they were talking, the guards had already rushed down and come directly to Hexi’s side, wanting to bring her to the high platform and let the thin old man search her soul.

Ren Xueling watched this scene excitedly. Her eyes were filled with resentment and madness.

However, just when everyone thought that Xi Yue could not escape a tragic fate.

The guards who rushed to Xi Yue suddenly exclaimed in unison, then everyone was pushed back as if they ran into something.

A few loud bangs made the originally noisy square quiet for a while.

The thin old man’s eyes flashed, and the arrogant young man flew straight down, pointing at Xi Yue and said sharply, “You dare to resist? It seems that the criminal is you!”

The young man in front of him looked calm. There was no sense of fear in his eyes, and he didn’t mean to argue at all. On the contrary, he smirked slightly as if mocking and watching a good show leisurely.

The arrogant young man suddenly felt extremely displeased. Even if the young man in front of him looked beautiful, he still wanted to dig out these mocking eyes.

In this lowly lower realm, no one dared to look at him like that.

The arrogant young man took a step, about to teach the young man a lesson. Suddenly, a low and cold voice came into his ears.

“Xi Yue didn’t go out tonight. I can testify.”

“Who the hell are you?!” The arrogant young man encountered people who defied him numerous times, so he furiously swept his hand with a wind blade, “I didn’t ask you! How dare you… ahhh!”

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