Chapter 1300: It’s Me, So What?

Chapter 1300: It’s Me, So What?

Before he could finish his words, a strong wind blew toward his face.

The arrogant young man’s eyes widened. The wind blade that he shot out, turned around in front of the man with a cold face not far away, and slashed back at him fiercely.

The wind blade, which used only 30% of his power, returned with 100% power.

Psh——” The arrogant young man heard a terrifying sound of flesh tearing from his neck.

Immediately afterward, he fell to the ground, twitching.

Underneath, a pool of blood soon leaked out.

The arrogant young man rolled his eyes, and his throat kept breathing, but he could only make click sounds.

Just a few seconds ago, he watched those low-level martial artists of the Miluo Continent suffered and even died like ants in front of him.

However, how could he have thought that in the blink of an eye, it was… it was his turn.


“Dead—! He’s dead—!”

There was a mess in the square immediately. Everyone looked in horror at the young man who lost his life in an instant. They felt with pleasant and fear at the same times. It was an indescribable mixed feeling.

On the high platform, the thin old man did not expect such a change.

With a flick of his figure, he came to the arrogant young man who had died and checked with Divine Sense. His face suddenly became extremely solemn.

“Who killed him?”

Beside Hexi, a stern man in black clothes slowly stepped forward, “It’s me, so what?”

The anger and killing intent flashed in the thin old man’s eyes, and the fireball in his hand was about to shoot.

“Elder Fei, don’t!” The anxious voice of Deputy Dean Jiang came from behind.

Even though he was the deputy dean of Miracle Healer Academy, his gaze toward Xuan Mu was clearly filled with fear and awe.

The gentle young man who just took out the nascent condense pill ran over anxiously to pull the thin old man and whispered a few words in his ear.

The thin old man’s pupils shrank suddenly when he heard the words of his disciples. His gaze toward Xuan Mu was already filled with surprise and awe.

For a while, the square fell into a strange silence again.

Ren Xueling saw that the bitch, Xi Yue, was about to be turned into an idiot, but suddenly someone help her inexplicably. How could she accept such a result?

“You’re lying!” She suddenly screamed, “Xi Yue was near the Bijing Pavilion, why did you say he didn’t go out in the middle of the night?!”

Before Xuan Mu spoke, Zhang Yi, who was standing beside him, couldn’t bear it any longer. He said loudly, “You’re lying! Senior Xuan is Brother Xi Yue’s roommate. Is it that you know more than him? Or do you mean Brother Xuan Mu is also his accomplice?!”

Ren Xueling’s face was twisted. When she was about to say “Xuan Mu must be an accomplice of Xi Yue”, she was pulled by Lu Zhixi from behind.

Lu Zhixi took a step forward and said with a bow, “Senior Xuan, please don’t get angry. Xueling doesn’t mean that. She just told what she saw. If we find the real criminal, we can also reduce unnecessary casualties, right?”

Lu Zhixi’s voice paused slightly, feeling the emotions of the people around favoring her, and she smirked slightly, “Although Senior Xuan and Xi Yue are roommates, Senior Xuan has always been used to being alone, and he won’t pay special attention to roommate. Maybe, Xi Yue took advantage of this and deceived you, senior?”

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