Chapter 1301: Court Death

Chapter 1301: Court Death

“Even, he might have done something else. Senior, you just didn’t notice it… After all, Xi Yue’s talent for refining medicine and using poison is well known to the entire Miracle Healer Academy.”

As soon as these words came out, the thin old man’s relaxed gaze once again looked at Hexi like a falcon as if to see her through from the inside out.

But Lu Zhixi didn’t seem to notice these changes at all. She just smiled and looked at Hexi and Xuan Mu, “Xi Yue, if you really want to prove your innocence, why don’t you tell us why are you going in and out of Bijing Pavilion during this time?”

Hexi really wanted to applaud Lu Zhixi.

This woman’s manipulative words has already reached a certain level. Does she really think that since I don’t fight back, I’m easy to be bullied?

Hexi smiled and was about to speak, then Xuan Mu, who was beside her, raised his hand.

That’s right, he just raised his hand casually.

Then, Hexi heard a painful groan from Lu Zhixi, and she fell to the ground heavily.

Pa—” “Crack—”, that was the sound of the kneecap being completely shattered.

Ahhh!” A scream resounded through the night sky. Lu Zhixi could no longer maintain her gentle smile and decent words. Her beautiful face was distorted by pain.

Everyone stared at this scene, but everyone couldn’t feel anger and shock, only fear.

Because Xuan Mu had unreservedly released the pressure.

That was, the pressure that belonged to the peak of Nascent Soul Stage. How could the mere students here be able to resist?

Xuan Mu looked at Lu Zhixi who was rolling on the ground coldly, and he said word by word, “Who you, question me? Court death!”

Lu Zhixi had never suffered such humiliation and pain since she was a child. At this moment, she really hated so much that she was going to crush her teeth.

Resisting the pain like a tear in her knee, she consumed a snow-white pill. Soon, her knee recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye. As the injury completely improved, the tormenting pain also disappeared.

At this moment, Lu Zhixi really hated Xi Yue and Xuan Mu to the extreme, but she was also really scared.

In front of this indifferent man, he didn’t reason with people at all, let alone cherish beauty.

It seemed that except for Xi Yue, anyone in his eyes was like an ant and could be killed at will.

Damn it, Xi Yue! Why Xi Yue again!

Tong Bing stared at Xuan Mu, who was covered in cold air not far away. Even if the pressure of the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage made his body tremble, his heart was beating hot.

He had been cowardly and miserable all his life, and he had been bullied and tortured.

He finally got the opportunity to enter the Miracle Healer Academy, but he was tortured by the father and son of the Hu Family in public.

Fortunately, fortunately, he met Xi Yue, and he really entered the Miracle Healer Academy by chance.

Tong Bing knew that his fate had changed from the moment he entered the academy.

Even if he was questioned and bullied by others, he did not back down or give up at all. He would definitely prove that he came in with strength, and he would definitely make himself better and better.

But tonight, watching a powerhouse like Xuan Mu protected Xi Yue so desperately.

He suddenly felt envious in his mind. Xi Yue is already powerful, and he already has so much. If, what if Brother Xuan Mu protects me like this, isn’t it wonderful?

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