Chapter 1302: So Wronged

Chapter 1302: So Wronged

If I can be cared for and treated like that by Xuan Mu, even if I were to die, I would be willing.

The development on the square obviously exceeded most people’s expectations.

The thin old man frowned. He always felt that the boy named Xi Yue was suspicious, especially the phrase “often appearing near the Bijing Pavilion”, which made him even more suspicious.

However, this Xuan Mu was really not someone they could simply offend.

The young man beside the thin old man suddenly stepped forward and said with a smile, “This student is Xi Yue, right? Now someone has identified you as the murderer and someone has proved your innocence.”

“So are you okay with this arrangement? We will still investigate you, but not by soul searching. We will use soul oath. You just have to swear an oath and answer our questions. It will take a while, but you won’t be wronged. Student Xi Yue, what do you think?”

Hexi sneered, “Oh, so there is such a convenient and harmless method? Those who have been their souls searched are really wronged.”

After speaking, she didn’t even care about them, but she went straight to the students who were left behind after being soul-searched.

“Stop!” The thin old man frowned and said solemnly, “Control him!”

The guards were about to move, but Xuan Mu took a step to the side.

The powerful coercion spread out in an instant, causing the guards’ movements to stagnate. Their legs were shaking.

The thin old man’s eyes flashed with dark light. He somehow felt that this man him was more like the criminal who entered the Mojing Pavilion than the boy named Xi Yue.

But the criminal was definitely injured. His aura couldn’t be concealed.

But this, Xuan Mu, didn’t look weak or injured from the outside.

The atmosphere froze for a while. Hexi had crouched down and held the hand of one of the soul-searched students.

The student was from Xuan Medical Branch. A girl who was friends with the student ran forward crying, “Ah Zhan, wuu wuu… Ah Zhan, how did you become like this?”

As the girl cried, many relatives and friends of Miracle Healer Academy related to those students ran up.

Some were weeping in pain while others were cursing in anger.

However, they didn’t dare to scold the thin old man and others, but the criminal who let them take the blame.

Some of them even sneered at Hexi, thinking that she was the murderer, but they were implicated.

Hexi turned a deaf ear to the crying and cursing of those around her. After checking the condition of the soul-searched student, she breathed a sigh of relief.

It was true that the nerves in the brain were damaged more severely, but it was not incurable.

Moreover, because the soul search just happened, and it was only nerve damage instead of completely breaking off, so there was no need to open the skull.

She never liked to owe others. Since these people were wronged, she would make an exception to save them!

Thinking of this, Hexi quickly took out the 101 gold needles from the void.

“What… what are you doing?”

Seeing Hexi inserting needles into her friend’s head, the girl shouted nervously.

“Idiot!” Zhang Yi, who came over, said rudely, “You still don’t understand? Brother Xi Yue is treating him!”


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