Chapter 1303: Amazing Talent

Chapter 1303: Amazing Talent

“No way? The meridians and brain domains are destroyed by soul searching, how can he be saved?”

“Never heard that such an injury can be rescued?”

Qian Dazhuang and others quickly surrounded Hexi who was healing, preventing others from approaching and disturbing.

Qian Dazhuang said in a loud voice, “Look at all of you ignorant people, don’t you know how powerful Xi Yue’s medical skills are? Just a mere soul search, Xi Yue can cure it with just a touch of his finger.”

Qian Dazhuang and the others were convinced of this.

Jin Zeyu had been ill for so many years. His symptoms were very serious that even Dean Zeng of the Huang Medical Branch was helpless.

However, when it comes to Xi Yue’s hands, the illness was cured easily.

Although it couldn’t be cured all at once, Jin Zeyu’s current state was getting better and better. His cultivation had slowly recovered to the peak of Meridians Stage. As long as the next course of treatment was over, he would be completely healed. He would soon be able to reach his original cultivation level.

This made Qian Dazhuang and others worship and trust Xi Yue to the extreme.

Although no one could heal the damage caused by soul searching according to common sense, can their Sir Xi Yue be judged with common sense?

As Xi Yue inserted more and more silver needles, beads of sweat appeared on the face of the young man named Ah Zhan.

His eyes opened. The dull pupils that had lost their focus were now full of pain.

There were more and more beads of sweat on his head, and the boy’s body began to struggle, but for some reason, he couldn’t move at all.

Ah—!” A short, sharp shout came from the boy’s throat.

Hexi also took back all the golden needles on his body one by one.

The boy jumped up from the ground and shouted, “My God, it hurts! Its like 10 thousand ants crawling in my brain.”

“Ah… Ah Zhan, are you alright?” The girl exclaimed, looking at him with surprise. Tears streamed down her face.

The boy was stunned for a moment, then he remembered what had just happened——

He… his soul was searched!

Ah! His soul was searched as if a piece of soul in his head was removed along with his memory.

The severe pain and despair made him give up struggling. He even thought of suicide.

But now… the young man found that the spiritual power was running very smoothly. His cultivation did not disappear at all. There was no problem with his memory and thinking.

How? I actually survived it?!

The boy suddenly looked at Xi Yue beside him, and the painful and alive memories just now slowly came back.

It was him… it was the person in front who saved me!

The young man knelt down with tears in his eyes, and he kowtowed heavily toward Xi Yue, “Xi Yue, thank you for your life-saving grace! In the future, if you have any order, I, Jiang Zhan, will execute without any complaints!”

Wow-!!” This time, the square was in turmoil!

No one has ever been able to cure a patient injured by soul searched?

That is the double damage of the brain nerves and the soul, otherwise how can people’s cultivation regress?

However, but Xi Yue actually cured such a patient?

How can that be?!

Even the thin old man who was confronting Xuan Mu was shocked.

Not to mention Miluo Continent, even if the great doctor in the upper realm, how many can do it? Even, I have never seen such a doctor before!

Who is this young man? Does she have a special teacher or does she really have an amazing talent?

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