Chapter 1304: Scared

Chapter 1304: Scared

The thin old man suddenly wanted to take the boy back to study, even if he wasn’t the one who broke into the Mojing Pavilion tonight.

Thinking of this, the thin old man waved his hand and said coldly, “Anyway, seize this man named Xi Yue. I will find out whether he is the one who trespassed in the Mojing Pavilion tonight. Those who dare to stop are enemies of our clan!”

As soon as the words fell, the guards were about to make a move desperately. Suddenly, there were rapid footsteps not far away.

Moreover, it came from the direction of Bijing Pavilion.

“No one is allowed to move Xi Yue!” Wei Chengyuan’s urgent and anxious voice came from a distance.

His order was obstructed again, which made the thin old man feel a little annoyed.

I just want to capture a mere boy from the lower realm, and so many people dare to resist me?

Is it because I acted too kindly that I let these inferior creatures from the lower realms dare to be so arrogant?

However, when Wei Chengyuan came to the front, the thin old man was stunned.

In Wei Chengyuan’s hand, he held a silver plate with a strange beast-shaped totem engraved on it.

He didn’t say what the plate represented, but the skinny old man, his discipline and the guards all lost their composure when they saw the plate.

When Wei Chengyuan walked in front of the thin old man, he was still gasping a little, and his face was still anxious.

When he turned around and saw that Hexi was fine, he was relieved.

He respectfully bowed to the thin old man, “Elder Fei, Xi Yue is the person His Honor wanted to recruit, and he also instructed us to take care of him in the Miracle Healer Academy. If Elder Fei really doubts Xi Yue is the thief, you must show enough evidence. Otherwise, I really can’t explain this to His Honor.”

The thin old man’s eyes were uncertain when he looked at the young man who was still being healed not far away.

In this short pause, those who were soul-searched were cured and stood up again.

It seemed that after treating the first person, she was familiar with the method, and the treatment became easy – that was healing the trauma of soul searching!

If such a young man can be brought back… It’s a pity, now that the Bijing Pavilion has intervened, no matter how unwilling I’m, I can only give up.

Unless I can be proved that this young man is really guilty.

The thin old man’s falcon-like eyes suddenly looked at Ren Xueling as he said coldly, “Prove that this kid has been to the Bijing Pavilion tonight. Say, where and when did you see him?”

Wei Chengyuan saw that the person who identified Xi Yue was Ren Xueling, and he said solemnly, “Ren Xueling, you better think clearly. If you dare to lie, not only you, but your whole family will die without a place to bury with you.”

Ren Xueling was shivering with fright at the terrifying gaze of the thin old man. When Wei Chengyuan said that her whole family would die, she fell to the ground in fright.

She… she didn’t expect such a consequence at all.

She just wanted Xi Yue to die; she wanted to take revenge on Xi Yue in the simplest and crudest way.

Until this moment, she was finally afraid.

But when she turned and saw Xi Yue who was treating students not far away, everyone was protecting him, praising him, and supporting jer. The fear in their hearts was immediately burned by the raging fire of hatred and jealousy.

She propped up her body suddenly and shouted hoarsely, “It’s him, it must be him! Since he came, the academy has been in constant trouble. Even Brother Cai Yu was killed by her. He deserves to die… I want him to die-!!”

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