Chapter 1306: So Noisy

Chapter 1306: So Noisy

Many people recognized at a glance that this short man was Jiang Zhongcheng, the current deputy president of the Academy Student Council.

Chen Xiaofeng sneered: “It was you who asked Xi Yue to treat Ren Xueling?”

Jiang Zhongcheng was thrown to the ground, and he cried out in pain. Hearing this, he made a look of anger, “Yes… so what if I said it? Since Xi Yue is a doctor, shouldn’t he save his classmate?”

Chen Xiaofeng glanced at Lu Zhixi and said with a smile, “I remember that Fairy Zhixi should also have the Doctors Association’s most precious nine turn spirit contain elixir, right? That elixir can revive the dead. Since Fairy Zhixi is also a doctor and Ren Xueling is even her junior sister apprentice, why doesn’t Fairy Zhixi save her? Why must our Xi Yue save her?”

Jiang Zhongcheng was speechless.

As for Lu Zhixi, her face was extremely ugly. Nine turn spirit contain pill was a grade 10 medicinal pill. She only had 1 on her. It was for life-saving use. How could she be willing to give this to Ren Xueling?

Moreover, how did the trash of the Huang Medical Branch know that I have the nine turn spirit contain elixir?

Wei Chengyuan put away the plate in his hand and sneered, “I heard that Elder Fei, you are looking for someone who appeared near the Bijing Pavilion yesterday? If I remember correctly, this Jiang Zhongcheng happened to be in Bijing Pavilion last night, right?”

As soon as Wei Chengyuan said this, Jiang Zhongcheng was so frightened that he immediately screamed, “I didn’t… I didn’t… I went to the Bijing Pavilion on the order of President Lu. I didn’t do anything!”

Lu Zhixi’s face was pale. She looked at Wei Chengyuan with hatred, “Brother Wei, I grew up with you as well. Are you going to frame me today for Xi Yue, an outsider?”

Wei Chengyuan said with gloomy eyes, “You know better than anyone who is framing who.”

Saying that, he didn’t look at Lu Zhixi again, but he looked at the thin old man and said, “Elder Fei, now that the real suspect has been found, can we end the search tonight? After all, this is the Miracle Healer Academy!”

The thin old man’s face turned gloomy for a while. He glanced at Jiang Zhongcheng who was trembling with fright on the ground.

He knew that this man and the little girl named Lu Zhixi had been to the Bijing Pavilion at night, but that was within their permission. These 2 people belonged to the forces loyal to their clan.

This man named Jiang Zhongcheng could not be the real criminal at all.

When things got to this point, even His Honor was alarmed. He should have stopped.

However, they suffered such a big loss tonight, how could he be reconciled?!

The thin old man took a deep breath and said, “Anyway, the real criminal must be found today, otherwise I can’t explain to the clan. As for the loss of Miracle Healer Academy, I will use high grade medicinal pills and magic weapons to compensate in a few days.”

After saying that, the thin old man ordered the guards to arrest people again.

Suddenly, a dazzling halo exploded in the dark night sky.

There was a figure in the halo that people couldn’t look directly at, but Hexi recognized it at a glance, that person was the middle-aged man he had seen in the Bijing Pavilion.

In the light cluster, he leaned lazily on the couch and said lightly, “It’s too noisy, it seems that even if I send someone over, you won’t learn to be quiet. Then, let me teach you in person!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the middle-aged man waved his hand gently.

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