Chapter 1308: Distressed

Chapter 1308: Distressed

He bowed his head and kissed the girl’s swollen lips that were ravaged by him. His hoarse voice was full of lust, “I really want to tie you to me so that you can’t go anywhere.”

Hexi came back to her senses, and her face turned red. She was secretly shocked by Nangong Yu’s influence on her.

Her feelings for this man had become deeper and deeper and more and more irresistible.

Even, many times she would think that if she could stay with him for a lifetime, it didn’t matter even if it was ordinary.

Hexi took a deep breath, calmed herself, and gently pushed him away, “Stop it, let me see your injury.”

When Mo Jingxuan released those beastkins, Nangong Yu accidentally triggered the mechanism inside. Although he escaped the poisonous gas and arrays in the traps, he also suffered a lot of injuries. When he was just at the Miracle Healer Academy, Hexi was always worried.

Nangong Yu smiled and said, “I’m expressing my love, how can you stop me, Xi’er?”

Hexi rolled her eyes at him and ripped off his clothes.

Nangong Yu followed her tossing, neither resisting nor taking the initiative. Instead, he laughed lazily and charmingly, “I didn’t expect Xi’er to be more eager than me? Why don’t we get married today, then we will do the consummation now, eh?”

Hexi showed a sinister smile, held a few silver needles and said gloomily, “If you don’t let me see the wounds, believe it or not, I will let you lie on the bed for 3 days. I’ll see if you still want the consummation!”

Nangong Yu really fell in love with her cunning and strong appearance. He pulled her into his arms and kissed a few times before taking his clothes off.

Nangong Yu’s skin was well-proportioned and smooth like the most delicate jade.

The muscles outlined the perfect body, making him clearly handsome and beautiful to the extreme, but he did not appear feminine at all. Instead, he looked bloody sexy.

However, this time, Hexi was not in the mood to pay attention to Nangong Yu’s figure at all. Her mind was completely preoccupied with the hideous wound on the man’s back.

The traps in Mo Jingxuan were made of unknown materials. After injuring, one couldn’t use spiritual power to directly stop the bleeding and heal.

So, after the night passed, the wounds on Nangong Yu’s body that Hexi saw were still dripping with blood.

Hexi felt her heart tighten for a while as if something was scratching her chest, making her want to breathe in pain.

Seeing the distress and pity in the girl’s eyes, Nangong Yu was really satisfied.

In fact, although this wound was special, he still had a way to heal, but he wanted to see her caring and feeling distressed for him.

Yes, the mysterious man in black clothes who appeared in Mojing Pavilion made our King of Hell feel a strong sense of crisis.

Just seeing Hexi’s slightly red eyes and the guilt on her face, Nangong Yu felt distressed and regretted again.

He pulled her into his arms and said softly, “Silly girl, don’t worry, this wound is only looking serious on the outside, but in fact, it’s just an external injury. Although the healing speed is a bit slower, it will heal in 3 days without doing anything.”

Hexi gave a low “um“, coquettishly hugged the man and rubbed in his arms before taking out the golden needle and spiritual spring water from the space.

Although she knew, how could she leave Nangong Yu’s injury alone?

She rinsed the wound with spiritual spring water, sutured it with gold needles to stop bleeding and pain, then she applied the specially refined wound medicine.

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