Chapter 1309: Betrayal

Chapter 1309: Betrayal

The hideous wound was almost healed in the blink of an eye, leaving only a dark red scar.

This scar would disappear naturally after a day or two.

Nangong Yu grabbed the girl’s weak and boneless hand, pressed it lightly on his scar, and whispered in her e,r: “Xi’er, I’m not kidding. When I think of you touching other men’s bodies like this, I wish I could tie you by my side so that you can’t go anywhere, and no one can see you!”

There was a hint of smile in Hexi’s eyes. She straightened up and pushed his chest, “I’m a doctor. When I treat patients, they are just a body in my eyes, regardless of gender and race. Even if it’s a pig lying on the operating table, I will also focus on the operation. You even want to be jealous of a pig?”

Someone who was being compared to a pig saw the sly smile of the girl, and he felt itchy n his teeth. He grabbed her hand and took a light bite.

Hexi smiled and slapped the man away before she calmed down and said the business.

“Although Wu Qi is rescued, his condition is very bad.”

As Hexi said, she released several little ones in the space.

As soon as Little Egg saw Nangong Yu, he yelled Daddy and rushed over. His voice was full of intimacy and joy.

Nangong Yu liked this little one who would flatter him very much. He picked him up, pinched his little feet and said with a smile, “I asked you to watch your mom for me, did you do it?”

“Of course!” Little Egg, the little spineless white-eyed pig, felt the spiritual energy that Nangong Yudu gave him, and he immediately started complaining without hesitation, “Daddy, you don’t know how many people are coveting mom in this academy. The little white-faced Wei Chengyuan, followed behind her every day. He even asked her to move in with him. There is also the old man surnamed Zeng of the Huang Desolate Medical Branch. Never mind that he always pestered her to discuss pill refining every day, he even disturbed mom’s pill refining. Also, the most hateful thing is that Xuan Mu…”

Hexi hit him with a burst of spiritual power and said angrily, “Little Egg, shut up!”

Little Egg was Hexi’s spiritual pet. Although they did not have a master-servant contract, the little one could only whimper at the thought of Hexi and couldn’t make a sound. He was very aggrieved now.

Little Golden Dragon couldn’t help laughing happily when he saw that look.

He jumped onto Hexi’s shoulder and said arrogantly, “Let you betray the boss. If you want me to say, boss is so powerful, she should open up the harem and gather all the beautiful men in her arms…”

Halfway through his words, Little Golden Dragon escaped back into space like seeing a terrifying ghost.

Nangong Yu put Little Egg aside, pulled Hexi into his arms and said sinisterly, “Open up the harem and gather all the beautiful men in the world? Huh?

He Xi was both angry and funny. She slapped Nangong Yu’s face and smirked, “Idiot, only you alone are annoying me to death, why do I still want to collect so many beautiful men? To torture myself? It’s enough to have you alone.”

Nangong Yu was bewildered by these words, completely forgetting Little Egg’s reports just now.

He hugged his girl in his arms and kissed her again and again. His breath became was hot. He really wanted to eat her right now.

It was only when Hexi threatened with a golden needle that he stopped.

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