Chapter 1310: Sworn Enemy

Chapter 1310: Sworn Enemy

Nangong Yu lowered his head to check Wu Qi’s situation, and he couldn’t help frowning, “The situation is really not optimistic.”

Hexi nodded, she was very aware of Wu Qi’s current situation.

Let’s say that there were spiritual roots in the human body, and the spiritual roots represented a person’s talent.

Then there were similar things in the beastkin. They called them the bloodline of inheritance. The nobility and richness of the inherited bloodline determined the advancement speed and strength of this beastkin.

When Hexi first checked, she only thought Wu Qi had lost most of his beastkin power, and he had no way to recover it by himself.

However, after a closer look, she was shocked.

Not only Wu Qi’s beastkin power was stolen but also his inherited bloodline.

If the beastkin power had been taken away, it could be supplemented by absorbing the beastkin core and transforming it into spiritual power, but how could the inherited bloodline be restored?

Hexi frowned and looked at the crying Xiao Li who was holding Wu Qi. Her eyes were red and swollen, “Xiao Li, have you encountered this situation before?”

Xiaoli shook her head and nodded again. Her eyes were full of pain and resentment, “Miss, I don’t know, since I can remember, I have only my brother by my side. My brother said, that we have a very powerful sworn enemy. They took away our people, captured our parents, and then took away our beastkin power, letting us die in pain.”

“My brother has always wanted to take revenge, but the enemy is too powerful. My brother was injured and almost died several times. Last time, if Miss hadn’t rescued my brother, my brother and I would have long ago… But I didn’t expect that my brother would still be captured by them. Wuuwuu… why are they so bad? Why are they doing this to us? We didn’t even want to hurt anyone!”

Hexi reached out and gently stroked the little girl’s head, hugged her into her arms and said softly, “Don’t worry, I will definitely find a way to heal your brother.”

But having said that, Hexi frowned.

It seemed that if she wanted to know the treatment method, she must first ask the process of Wu Qi’s inheritance bloodline being taken away, then she could come up with a treatment plan.

Thinking of this, Hexi took out the gold needle and carefully pierced it into Wu Qi’s head.

Wu Qi, who was in a coma, groaned in pain. Sweats profuse out of his forehead. It took a while for him to slowly open his eyes.

Wu Qi’s eyes seemed to have no focus. He glanced at Xiao Li in a blur.

When he saw Xiao Li’s appearance, a dazed and sad smile appeared on his face, “Xiao Li, is brother dying? That’s why I dreamed of you… I can see you again before I die, seeing that you are living well, brother is relieved!”

Wah!!” Xiao Li couldn’t help crying anymore and rushed into Wu Qi’s arms, “Brother, don’t die. Xiao Li doesn’t want brother to die!”

Hexi reached out and inserted several gold needles into Wu Qi’s brain. Wu Qi’s originally blurred expression slowly became sober, but the intense pain and emptiness from his body also caused more sweat to appear on his face.

Hexi hugged Xiao Li into her arms, looked down at Wu Qi and said, “Wu Qi, tell me, are you conscious now?”

Wu Qi frowned. When he saw Hexi, he was stunned for a moment, then he remembered something and suddenly widened his eyes, “Master! Why are you here?”

Hexi said lightly, “Xiao Li found your whereabouts, and she was worried about you, so I accompanied her to find you.”

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