Chapter 1312: Terrifying Power

Chapter 1312: Terrifying Power

Hexi was surprised, “Little Golden Dragon, you also know Wood Vitality Pearl?”

Little Golden Dragon nodded and said, “Boss, I heard from the previous owner that Wood Vitality Pearl is made by extracting the wood spiritual root from martial artists and combining it with beastkin’s inherited bloodline. As long as one consumes the Wood Vitality Pearl, he can create a pure wood spiritual root. But this method is too cruel. Not to mention the beastkin will surely be dead, even the martial artists who have the wood spiritual root removed will also suffer huge damage, so this method had long been banned.”

Hexi was also surprised to hear that. She didn’t expect that wood spiritual root could be created too.

But thinking about so many artificial organs in her previous life, she also understood it.

“What’s so special about wood spiritual root?” Hexi frowned. “Even if wood spiritual roots are rare, there’s no need to pay such a high price, right? What’s more, if they are discovered, they will have to take risks.”

Nangong Yu grabbed her hand, shook his head and said, “Xi’er, you don’t understand. Very few people in Miluo Continent know that if the wood spiritual root can be cultivated to a certain level, what a terrifying power it will be.”

“To say that it can revive the dead and regrow flesh from bone, it is not a lie at all. It is even the most basic and inconspicuous ability of the wood spiritual root.”

This time, Hexi was a little shocked.

She has always heard Gu Liufeng and Nangong Yu say that the wood spiritual root was special, but because she had a pure wood spiritual root. The energy released could only slightly heal faster than the water spiritual power, so she didn’t pay much attention to it.

However, Nangong Yu even says that the wood spiritual root can revive the dead when it reaches a high level? And it is the most basic ability?

No matter how strong my medical skills are, I will never be able to resurrect the dead.

This is completely inconsistent with the rules and logic of energy conservation right?

Seeing her sluggish expression, Nangong Yu touched her cheek, lowered his voice and continued, “Wood, represents life and nature. A person with a pure wood spiritual root means he controls the source of life. That is, he controls the vitality of all things.”

“Xi’er, think about it, if a person takes the wood spiritual power to the highest level, he can wave to grow the seeds and grow the cubs; he can also cover his hand to make the flowers wither and turn animal to bones. Do you know what ability is this?”

Hexi sucked in a breath of cold air. Isn’t this… the same as being an omnipotent god?

However, is this possible? How could anyone have reached such a state?

“Has anyone reached this level before?”

Nangong Yu shook his head and said, “No one has ever seen such a demigod. It is said that such a demigod appeared hundreds of millions of years ago, but it is only a legend. No one who has lived so far has ever seen such a person.”

“However, it is rumored that at the Siam Continent, someone got this demigod’s handbook. The handbook even records the method to obtain pure wood spiritual root artificially and the subsequent cultivation method.”

Hexi frowned, “Which are refining and absorbing Wood Vitality Pearl?”

Before Nangong Yu could speak, Little Golden Dragon had already jumped into the air and said nervously, “I also heard from the master that in Siam Continent, many people have tried to extract Wood Vitality Pearl, wanting to generate the purest wood spiritual root. Therefore, martial artists and beastkins who had wood spiritual root suffered. They were hunted down during that time. The people who died were uncountable.”

“Later, the high priest of God Domain couldn’t take it anymore, so he banned the extraction of Wood Vitality Pearl. However, even then, there are not many people with wood spiritual roots left in the 2 continents.”

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