Chapter 1314: Men

Chapter 1314: Men

Hexi and Nangong Yu spent a long time in Shengde Hall before returning to Miracle Healer Academy.

However, this time it was not Qing Luan who went with her, but Nangong Yu in disguise.

When Hexi first heard that Nangong Yu was going to pretend to be a manservant and enter Miracle Healer Academy with her, she almost got a heart attack.

The dignified King of Hell, the Nascent Soul Stage powerhouse (the actual strength was even at the terrifying Soul Splitting Stage) who made the entire Miluo Continent fear, actually wanted to sneak into the academy as a manservant.

If he was discovered, Miracle Healer Academy would be turned upside down.

However, could anyone object to the decision of His Royal Highness King of Hell? Of course no!

Hexi only struggled for a while, and she soon became happy.

If she couldn’t be separated from Nangong Yu, she certainly hoped that they could continue to be together.

Not to mention, Nangong Yu’s strength was so terrifying. With his help, it will be much smoother to find the wood crystals.

When it comes to disguise, Hexi had to admire Nangong Yu.

She could draw her face as another and even change her habits accordingly.

However, she could never be like Nangong Yu. When he wanted to hide his aura, even if she knew that there was such a person standing by her side, she would even forget his existence.

Hmm, in this way, at least Nangong Yu won’t be easily exposed or suspected.

Moreover, having the dignified King of Hell as my manservant feels… very cool!

Hexi smiled secretly, and Nangong Yu was also in a good mood.

From Little Egg’s words, he already knew that a lot of men around his Xi’er.

Hmph, if I don’t show my dominion over Hexi, I won’t be Nangong Yu anymore!

So, the 2 happily entered the barrier of the Miracle Healer Academy together.

But Qing Luan, who had been left behind, was terrified after getting the news.

It’s over! Master still doesn’t know that princess is now living in the same room with another man!

If he knows it, he must go berserk!

Qing Luan was nervous, but Hexi felt that it didn’t matter, so she took him to the Huang No. 1 Dormitory.

As for the barrier in the dormitory, for the King of Hell, it was not even a piece of cake.

As soon as they entered the dormitory, the expressions of Hexi and Nangong Yu changed slightly.

Hexi felt a biting cold air and the unstable vitality that was rapidly weakening.

She looked at the lower bunk opposite. Xuan Mu was lying on the bed with a pale face. His life or death was unknown.

Tong Bing was standing 5 meters away from Xuan Mu, pacing back and forth nervously. His face was full of worry and distress.

On the other hand, Nangong Yu’s face turned black.

He didn’t expect that when he followed his Xi’er to the dormitory, he saw 2 men in the dormitory!

My Xi’er actually shares the bed with other men?! (Hexi: Are you blind? Who shares the bed? Your whole family shares the same bed!)

As soon as Tong Bing found Xi Yue, he ran over nervously, trying to grab Hexi’s hand.

However, before Tong Bing could touch Hexi, Nangong Yu pulled him to his side and stared at him coldly.

Tong Bing shuddered, and he glanced at Nangong Yu.

He only felt that the person in front of him was very ordinary. No matter his appearance or his aura, Tong Bing only regarded him as Xi Yue’s manservant.

But for some reason, facing this man’s gaze, a strong sense of fear rose in his heart as if he could be trampled to death at any time.

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