Chapter 1315: Let Me Do It

Chapter 1315: Let Me Do It

Tong Bing stood bewildered in front of Hexi. Until Hexi spoke, he suddenly remembered something and said anxiously, “Brother Xi Yue, how? Brother Xuan Mu seems to be injured? I see that he is very uncomfortable. I want to take care of him, but he won’t let me get close no matter what!”

Hexi’s brows furrowed even tighter when she heard the words, and she quickly walked to the unconscious Xuan Mu.

Seeing that he was going to reach out to touch Xuan Mu, Tong Bing couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Brother Xi Yue, don’t! Brother Xuan Mu won’t let anyone…”

Before the last word “touch” was uttered, Tong Bing’s eyes widened in shock.

The man, who would make a fatal attack when he approached just now, did not respond at all when Xi Yue grabbed his wrist.

Tong Bing opened his mouth slightly. His eyes were full of heartache and sadness, and the tears filled his eyes.

Why Brother Xuan Mu is willing to let Xi Yue approach, but he refuses to let me approach? Obviously, I’m more earnest and sincere to want to take care of Brother Xuan Mu.

However, no one in this room cared about Tong Bing’s mood.

Hexi checked Xuan Mu’s pulse for a while, then she frowned.

This was the first time she had encountered such a strange case. It was clear that his spiritual power was running normally in the meridians, but there was a part of the body that seemed to be frozen. The ice eroded Xuan Mu’s internal organs so that no matter how much power he had, he would be frozen to death.

However, this kind of cold poison was somewhat different from Nangong Yu’s. Hexi still couldn’t find the root of Nangong Yu’s cold poison, but she had found Xuan Mu’s. It was near the heart.

In any case, it was better to cease this cold first.

Thinking of this, Hexi reached out and started to untie Xuan Mu’s clothes. She needed to insert the needle into his heart.

However, just as she stretched out her hand, she was grasped by Nangong Yu.

Nangong Yu couldn’t bear it anymore. He knew that Xi’er was a doctor, so he endured Xi’er to touch this man, but now Xi’er actually wanted to untie his clothes. How could he still bear it?

Hexi looked up and saw Nangong Yu’s gloomy expression, and she was amused.

Nangong Yu gritted his teeth, “Tell me what to do.”

Hexi put a fist on his lips with 1 hand and said with a smile, “You take off his shirt to reveal the position of the heart. His heart is frozen by a cold aura. I need to use silver needles to guide this cold aura out.”

Nangong Yu’s face was even more gloomy and frightening. A hint of coldness exuded from his body.

He had already recognized that this man was the man in a black shirt in the Mojing Pavilion. Thinking of this man protecting Xi’er like she was his property, Nangong Yu wanted to kill this man immediately.

However, he had a life-saving grace for Xi’er after all. Nangong Yu snorted coldly and stepped forward.

However, as soon as his hand touched Xuan Mu’s shirt, the person who had been drowsy suddenly opened his eyes.

A pair of beast-like calm and sharp pupils stared at Nangong Yu coldly. After confirming that he was an enemy instead of a friend, he launched a fierce attack out of instinct.

Nangong Yu snorted lightly, but he didn’t even move. He drew an arc in front of him with 1 hand at will.

Soon, an invisible shield appeared in front of him and Hexi. Xuan Mu’s attack made a sizzling sound on the shield, but it couldn’t hurt them.

Xuan Mu jumped up from the bed, cast a long sword with an extremely calm and indifferent expression and attacked Nangong Yu.

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