Chapter 1316: Flaming

Chapter 1316: Flaming

Nangong Yu also showed no weakness. The Sealed Dragon Sword appeared in his hand, and he defended with it.

The swords crossed with a clang, then half of the beds and furnitures in the room collapsed. Dust was all over the room.

Hexi shouted fiercely, “Both of you stop!”

The two stopped at the same time. Nangong Yu took a step back and came to Hexi’s side, hugging Hexi’s waist to show his dominance.

Xuan Mu glanced at Hexi, then at Nangong Yu again. His expression was solemn, and the cold aura was still coming out of his body.

There seemed to be lightning between their gazes.

Hexi pressed her forehead and said to Xuan Mu, “Xuan Mu, you are injured. He is my man. I asked him to help me heal you.”

Xuan Mu’s face was even paler than yesterday. Those who stood beside him even had to channel spiritual power to resist the cold aura.

But his expression was as indifferent as always as if he didn’t realize how bad his situation was, “I don’t like strangers approaching me.”

Xuan Mu had never liked to talk too much. He could say this sentence for Xi Yue’s sake only.

But hearing these words, Nangong Yu was even more angry. A strong killing intent surged out of him.

He made up his mind that he would decimate this guy who had ill intentions against Xi’er.

What do you mean by don’t like strangers touching you? Mtfk, why didn’t I see you resisting when my wife checked your pulse? I knew you have ill intentions against Xi’er!

Xuan Mu felt the murderous aura from Nangong Yu’s body, and but he did not show weakness. The same cold air erupted from his body.

Tong Bing on the side was at the Foundation Establishment stage. How could he withstand such the momentum? He was so frightened that he fell to the ground. His face turned pale, and his eyes were filled with tears.

Hexi patted Nangong Yu lightly and gave him a reproachful look.

Before Nangong Yu got angry, she reached out and grabbed his big hand, scratching his palm with her fingers lightly.

This little gesture of intimacy was inconspicuous, but it immediately calmed Nangong Yu’s irritable mood.

Nangong Yu didn’t care about the other 2 in the room. He hugged Hexi into his arms, lowered his head and kissed her tender cheek before giving Xuan Mu a provocative look again.

Although Hexi was a little embarrassed (this guy is really getting more and more shameless), she didn’t resist. Instead, she hugged him before walking toward Xuan Mu.

“Xuan Mu, I won’t ask you what’s the matter with the cold aura in your body, but I have a way to divert some of the cold aura in your body. Whether it’s guiding it out of the body or back into your dantian. I can do both.”

“But whether you need my treatment is up to you.”

Xuan Mu stared at her blankly for a long time with flashy eyes

In the end, he didn’t say a word, sat down on the only intact chair, and tore off his clothes, revealing his naked upper body.

Seeing this scene, Tong Bing on the side swallowed his saliva with widened eyes.

This was the first time he saw Xuan Mu’s body. It was so strong, so well-textured, so smooth, like a perfect body bestowed by God. His eyes were full of yearning and… desire.

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