Chapter 1318: Instinct

Chapter 1318: Instinct

The door of the dormitory slammed shut, and Tong Bing sat on the cold ground. Although there was no pain in his body, he felt that his whole heart had fallen into the ice cellar. He couldn’t help but cover her face and cry silently.


Hexi was pulled all the way out of the dormitory area by Nangong Yu. As soon as they came to a place with fewer people, Lord King of Hell immediately said coldly, “Move! Move immediately!”

Hexi couldn’t react for a while, “Move what?”

“Move what?” Nangong Yu hugged her into his arms, rubbed her fragile neck and said sinisterly, “If I don’t come, who knows how long will you stay alone with a man in a room! Immediately, move me out of that damn place!”

Hexi was stunned at first, then she was amused by Nangong Yu’s childish look.

She grabbed the man’s hand, kissed it and asked with a bit of sadness, “You don’t believe me?”

Nangong Yu only felt the soft touch left by the lips on his hand, making his hand and even his entire body hot.

Seeing Hexi’s tender and pitiful expression again, his heart melted. Most of his anger disappeared in an instant.

He lowered his head, kissed the glittering phoenix eyes and quickly said, “Why would I? Of course, I believe in you.”

Nangong Yu clearly remembered that Xi’er said that if 2 people love each other without mutual trust, it will not last long. At this time, even if he really didn’t believe it, he couldn’t admit it.

Hexi smiled slyly, knowing that pretending to be pitiful was useful to this guy, “If you believe me? Why did you let me move out?”

Hexi felt that it was good to live in a room with Xuan Mu. The 2 of them almost wouldn’t disturb each other. Basically, they lived separately and were busy with their own businesses.

The biggest advantage was that as long as Xuan Mu was there, no one in this Miracle Healer Academy dared to enter Huang No. 1 Dormitory.

This also allowed her to enter and exit the void in the dormitory without being disturbed.

Hexi could guarantee that if she changed to another dormitory, not to mention others, Qian Dazhuang and the others would come to annoy her every day.

But Nangong Yu didn’t know what Hexi was thinking, so he said depressedly, “I don’t believe that guy named Xuan Mu. I can tell from a glance that he has no good intention for you!”

Hexi was surprised, “How could it be? He even saved me last night?” Could it be that Nangong Yu sees something wrong with Xuan Mu?

“That’s even worse!” Nangong Yu gritted his teeth and said, “Who knows if he seduces you by asking you to repay the life-saving grace?”

Hexi couldn’t help laughing out loud and poked at the man’s chest, “Nangong Yu, you thought everyone is as shameless as you. Xuan Mu is a cold-hearted person. He never bothers other people’s business, and he never gets close to me, why would he seduce me? Besides, you and I were so intimate in front of him, but he didn’t react at all. If he really has any thoughts, would he be like this? Are you unfounded?”

Nangong Yu frowned. Would she believe if I say that this is my instinct as a man?

The strength of this man named Xuan Mu is very strong, even comparable to mine.

Moreover, he treats everyone like a stranger, but he is willing to let Xi’er approach him.

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