Chapter 1319: Illness Trigger

Chapter 1319: Illness Trigger

However, he didn’t want to tell Hexi these words! If I tell Hexi, that damn man Xuan Mu will have a chance. In your dream!

I wish my Xi’er is as blunt as possible!

Hexi looked up and saw the nervousness and possessiveness in Nangong Yu’s eyes, as well as the deep worries and fears hidden in his eyes, and she felt an unspeakable sweetness and distress.

The omnipotent King of Hell actually becomes insecure because of me.

Hexi suddenly stretched out her hand, held his face and said softly, “Nangong Yu, I only like you. No matter what other people think, it doesn’t matter to me. Because I only have you in my heart.”

Nangong Yu was stunned for a moment, then he hugged her into his arms.

He seemed to be able to hear his own pounding heartbeat, and the ecstatic feeling filled his body, making him excited to shout and vent his joy to the world.

But in the end, he just lowered his head and kissed the cheek of the girl in his arms over and over again before saying hoarsely, “Xi’er, we’ll get married when we go back!”

Hexi’s mouth evoked a gorgeous arc. She said with a soft and clear voice, “En!


They hugged each other tightly for a while before turning around and returning to the teaching area of ​​Huang Medical Branch.

They had just walked a few steps when they saw a figure running toward them anxiously.

Hexi recognized that it was Wei Chengyuan at a glance. At this time, Wei Chengyuan was sweating profusely, and his eyes were full of anxiety.

When he saw Hexi, he breathed a sigh of relief. He flicked and used spell to shift toward Hexi, ignoring the ban on using spiritual power in the academy.

“Xi Yue, come with me quickly, His Honor’s illness breaks out again. It can’t be delayed for a moment.” He was about to stretch out his hand to pull Hexi.

However, Wei Chengyuan missed.

Hexi was grabbed by Nangong Yu and pulled to his side.

Nangong Yu looked at the little white face in front of him and was gnashing his teeth for a while.

Wei Chengyuan, great! Now I remember it. This is the little white face that Little Egg said that he is pestering my Xi’er every day and wanted Xi’er to live with him!

Knowing Xi’er’s intentions was one thing, but Xi’er had too many flies around her, which still made him very uncomfortable. He really wished to tear this guy into pieces.

Hexi squeezed Nangong Yu’s hand, hinted him to stop making trouble, and then stepped forward, “His Honor’s illness triggers?”

It shouldn’t be triggered yet.

Wei Chengyuan wanted to say more. At this time, he was so anxious that he didn’t even have the time to look at Nangong Yu and think about his relationship with Hexi.

Hexi interrupted him, “Stop talking, bring me there first.”

They quickly came to the barrier of the Bijing Pavilion. Seeing that Nangong Yu was still following behind Hexi, Wei Chengyuan was surprised, “He wants to go in too?”

Hexi also had a headache, but Nangong Yu definitely wouldn’t leave on his own. With Nangong Yu around, her safety could also be guaranteed too.

She could only said helplessly, “He is my assistant. This operation is relatively difficult. I need someone to help me, and it must be someone professional who knows craniotomy.”

Seeing her said so, Wei Chengyuan naturally couldn’t object.

Just at this moment, Uncle Qiu, who was waiting in the Bijing Pavilion, rushed over and said, “Where the hell have you been? Didn’t I tell you to be on standby at the school? Why can’t I find you all morning? Don’t forget, you can stay in the academy safely because of His Honor…”

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