Chapter 1320: Masked Man

Chapter 1320: Masked Man

Hexi’s eyes dimmed slightly as she said coldly, “Are you sure you want to stay here and tell me this nonsense at this time?”

Uncle Qiu was choked all of a sudden. Wei Chengyuan whispered a few words in his ear, and Uncle Qiu glanced at Nangong Yu, didn’t notice anything unusual. He didn’t think much and said anxiously, “Okay, come in with me quickly!”

They passed through the barrier, but Uncle Qiu didn’t realize that Nangong Yu, who was following at the end, was not within the range of his aura at all, but he easily passed through the barrier of the Bijing Pavilion.

Nangong Yu glanced at Uncle Qiu coldly. You dare to scold Xi’er, hmph! Simply tired of living!


In the early morning of that day, everyone at Miracle Healer Academy saw that the Mojing Pavilion was razed to the ground by the mysterious man.

But no one knew that the Mojing Pavilion had been rebuilt at this time. Although it was just a simple palace, if Hexi saw it, she would still be speechless.

When was building a house so simple and done with a wave of a hand?

The phantom barrier between Mojing Pavilion and Bijing Pavilion had become more solid and hidden.

In the conference hall temporarily arranged in the palace, many people were standing or sitting at this time.

Elder Fei and the others, who were still arrogant and domineering at Miracle Healer Academy in the morning, stood at the bottom without daring to breathe and bowed their heads. Everyone wished to minimize their sense of existence.

At the top of the conference hall, there was a man wearing a golden mask.

This masked man only showed a pair of eyes and dark purple lips, and he exuded a terrifying feeling, but his true cultivation was unknown even if looking closely.

Next to the masked man was a tall, slender middle-aged man with a gentle and handsome face.

The middle-aged man had clear eyebrows, neat short beards, and eyes that looked gentle, but were in fact unfathomable.

The masked man glanced coldly at the stunned crowd below, then he said in a cold tone, “You guys are really getting more and more presumptuous! In just the mere Miluo Continent, you actually let people come in without stopping and let them take away everything. You all really know how to put shame on me!”

“Subordinate is incompetent. Please give us the punishment!”

The faces of Elder Fei, Elder Cen and others were full of fear, and they all knelt down and kowtowed in a panic.

This time, their loss was really too great that it couldn’t be measured.

Not only all the beastkins in the Mojing Pavilion were gone, but even the boys and girls they snatched were all taken away.

These beastkins, young boys and girls with wooden spiritual roots took them great efforts to obtain.

Now they had all been snatched overnight.

Not to mention the sacred object of their clan that was stolen too. Although they had never understood the function of the sacred object, it was no different from being slapped in the face

The golden-masked man sitting above took a deep breath and was obviously angry, “Forget about the stolen sacred object. Don’t you guys know that the experiment has reached the most important phase? How much effort do you think we put to find all the martial artists with wood spiritual root in Miluo Continent? You guys actually lose all of them? If the experiment progress is delayed, even if the families of you all die, it can’t quell the wrath of the Lord!”

Elder Fei, Elder Cen and the others looked at each other in dismay, trembling even more with fright. Except begging for forgiveness, they couldn’t say anything

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