Chapter 1322: No Cure

Chapter 1322: No Cure

When the masked man heard the words, his mouth finally evoked a smile. He said with appreciation, “I also heard people from the Miluo Continent say that people whom you judge is dying will never live. Although your cultivation is still not high enough, in terms of medical skills alone, even in our Siam Continent, you are amazing.”

When Lu Xuyang was praised, he was not proud. He just smiled mildly and said, “Sir has overpraised. It is my honor to be able to use my meager medical skills to serve you.”

The masked man was about to compliment a few more words, but Elder Fei felt a little resentful in his heart. He coughed lightly, “I’m afraid President Lu still doesn’t know right? That student who has the same illness as Venerable Hui Yue has already been cured by Xi Yue!”

Oh? There is such a thing?” Lu Xuyang was slightly surprised, “Is it that Zhang Yi who was locked in the side courtyard? Xi Yue cured him?”

Seeing him losing composure, Elder Fei suddenly felt relieved. He ridiculed, “It’s more than that Zhang Yi has been cured. President Lu, can you cure the brain damage caused by soul searching?”

Lu Xuyang looked slightly solemn and looked at Elder Fei with deep eyes.

Elder Fei only felt more at ease, and he deliberately said, “You can’t right? But that kid named Xi Yue can do it. If you don’t believe me, you can ask other people. That night, Xi Yue treated those whose brains were damaged in front of us!”

“Do you really think that his medical skills are just average? Also, I just got the news that Wei Family’s boy has found Xi Yue to treat Venerable Hui Yue. If Venerable Hui Yue is cured by him, hehe, I don’t know if President Lu can afford to bear the consequences?”

Knowing that a 17-year-old boy was better than Lu Xuyang in medical skills, Elder Fei somehow felt a faint sense of pleasure in his mind.

In recent years, relying on his medical skills, Lu Xuyang began to become more and more arrogant and ignorant. He didn’t even treat them seriously.

Hmph, isn’t it just a low-level martial artist from the Miluo Continent? In the end, he is just a waste that can’t ascend. Without our support, would Lu Xuyang have his current status?

Lu Xuyang frowned, and even the masked man’s attention was attracted. He said solemnly, “What? Could it be that Venerable Hui Yue’s illness will change?”

Lu Xuyang shook his head calmly. His voice was calm and calm, “No, I’m just surprised that Xi Yue’s medical skills are beyond my expectations. But even so, he can’t save Venerable Hui Yue’s life.”

“Why is it impossible?” Elder Fei raised his voice excitedly, “Don’t forget, he has cured someone who has the same illness!”

Lu Xuyang smiled gently, but the pair of eyes were gloomy, “Xi Yue can cure Zhang Yi’s illness, I’m really surprised, but Venerable Hui Yue’s illness is different.”

“If it was 3 months ago, Xi Yue can still save Venerable Hui Yue, but now… even a heavenly doctor can’t save him.”

The masked man showed some interest, “Oh? Why do you so?”

Lu Xuyang looked up at the man above, and brushed his shirt with a gentle and dark smile, “Venerable Hui Yue’s illness is a rare illness in the world. No one can cure it even in the Siam Continent. No one can even relieve his pain. When Venerable Hui Yue found me at the beginning, it was because the mutated water spiritual root in my body had a relieving and suppressing effect on his symptoms.”

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