Chapter 1323: Helping

Chapter 1323: Helping

“But there is one thing that Venerable Hui Yue and other doctors don’t know. The more Venerable Hui Yue’s illness is suppressed, the more severe the illness will be. Even the damage to his brain will be stacked and mutated, resulting in new illness until the final explosion.”

“If it was 3 months ago, the illness had not accumulated to a certain extent, Xi Yue might have a special treatment that could save him from danger. However, after 3 months passed, under my spiritual power, this illness has already been different from Zhang Yi’s. Even if Xi Yue uses the same method, he will only accelerate the death of Venerable Hui Yue.”

“That’s why I said, Venerable Hui Yue will definitely die within a few days.”

Elder Fei frowned, looking at the golden masked man above who was more satisfied with Lu Xuyang, and felt extremely resentful in his mind.

He wanted to say something, but the masked man raised his hand to stop him.

The masked man showed a meaningful smile to Lu Xuyang and said, “If Venerable Hui Yue is at Miracle Healer Academy, it’s really a hindrance to us. If he can die like this, it would be the best for us. Xuyang, if this matter can be successful, I will definitely report your credit to Lord. Your benefits will definitely be indispensable.”

Lu Xuyang’s eyes flashed when he heard the words, and the ambition in his eyes was flaming, but on the surface, he had a look of indifference. He bowed his head with a gentle smile, “Thank you, sir. It’s my honor to serve you.”

The masked man said to Elder Fei again, “As for that Xi Yue, if he really has such superb medical skills, he is also a talent. Elder Fei, you try to get him to work for us.”

Elder Fei was still angry, but he didn’t dare to disobey the masked man, so he could only bow and say, “Yes, subordinate will definitely take that Xi Yue under Lord’s command.”

The masked man continued, “About the 3 thieves who broke into the Mojing Pavilion, Elder Cen, you and Elder Fei will continue to investigate and make sure to catch them. The lost beastkins and wood spiritual root have to be replenished as soon as possible. Now is the most critical time, if the experiment is interrupted, then all our previous efforts will be wasted.”

“Once the experiment fails, let alone you, even I will face the wrath of Lord. At that time, none of us will survive. Understand?”

“Yes, sir!” Everyone responded in unison.

After everyone left, the masked man stayed alone in the empty meeting room, tapped the table with his fingers lightly. His eyes were gloomy. He muttered to himself, “Although Lu Xuyang said that Venerable Hui Yue will definitely die, these undying old fools have lived for so many years, who will die so easily? If he is really saved by that Xi Yue, things will be bad!”

Thinking of this, the eyes behind the golden mask revealed a vicious light, “Heh, since that’s the case, let me help you ascend to Paradise sooner!”

With that, the masked man waved his hand and said behind him, “Go, let Venerable An Ye (Dark Moon) know that Venerable Hui Yue (Bright Moon) is terminally ill and is being rescued. Tell him that someone is rescuing Venerable Hui Yue, and now Venerable Hui Yue is at the weakest moment. If he misses this opportunity, it will be impossible to get rid of him again.”

There was a low “yes” in the void. A breeze blew past, then there was nothing.

The masked man sneered, “Hehe, I believe that Venerable An Ye will be very interested in the news we sent. I don’t believe that you can still live!”

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