Chapter 1324: Who Did It

Chapter 1324: Who Did It

At this time, the Bijing Pavilion was also in chaos.

As soon as Hexi entered the palace where His Honor lived, she saw a middle-aged man with an unsightly face who was pressed down on the bed again.

Although he didn’t go crazy as the last time, the situation was not much better than before.

The middle-aged man’s eyes had lost focus as if they were covered with white mist. His behaviors were getting more and more out of control as if this time bomb would explode at any time.

The immortal binding rope was held in the hands of one of the subordinates, but they were hesitant about whether to tie him up.

As soon as Hexi came in, someone exclaimed, “Boy, you’re finally here. Didn’t you say that His Honor’s illness won’t break out these few days?”

The middle-aged man who was being held down let out a roar. He was about to jump up.

Uncle Qiu’s anxious voice became sharp, “Xi Yue, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and treat His Honor! If something happens to His Honor, don’t even think about going out alive!”

Before Hexi could say anything, Nangong Yu, who was beside her, exuded intense killing intent in his eyes.

Hexi grabbed him and motioned him to calm down. She had already taken out the silver needle and shot at the middle-aged man who was behaving more and more abnormally.

As the silver needle penetrated into the body, the middle-aged man’s mood immediately calmed down. The eyes that lost focus became clear again, then he fell asleep due to tiredness.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. A tall and thin man looked at Hexi with an unkind face, “What the hell is going on? You better explain it to me!”

Hexi ignored him, walked quickly to the middle-aged man, and reached out to check his pulse.

Seeing Hexi’s attitude like this, the tall and thin man was very angry, so he stretched out his hand to teach him a lesson.

But just as his hand was stretched out, it suddenly stopped in mid-air. He was shocked.

His raised hand seemed to be pinned to the air by some force, unable to move at all.

The tall and thin man looked at Nangong Yu next to Hexi with a suspicious look, but he just thought he was ordinary. At first glance, there was nothing special about him.

Did he do that? It shouldn’t be possible, right? He is just a low-level martial artist in the lower realm…

As he was thinking, another person came over, pressed his hand and said solemnly: “Yan Xiao, calm down. Now, only this little guy can save His Honor.”

The tall and thin man called Yan Xiao thought that it was the person in front who was stopping him, and he said angrily, “Wei Jianxing, I think you are over in your head. How can such a boy save His Honor’s life? Didn’t he say that His Honor will be fine within these 10 days, and his situation will only get better? What about now? How can you believe the words of such a lowly person?”

Hexi, who had just checked the pulse of the middle-aged man, turned around with a deep sneer, “Exactly, I also want to ask that His Honor’s condition that I diagnosed just 2 days ago was stable, but why is it suddenly worsened?”

“Lowly boy, isn’t it because your diagnosis is wrong…”

Hexi didn’t seem to hear Yan Xiao’s clamor at all. She just said coldly, “Who can tell me, who has given His Honor the medicine to recuperate the brain and suppress the pain in the past 2 days? Did you forget what I said? During the preparation for the operation, His Honor can only take the medicine I prescribed? Or, are some of you just trying to kill His Honor?”

As soon as these words came out, there was a dead silence in the whole room.

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