Chapter 1325: Die to Prove Innocence

Chapter 1325: Die to Prove Innocence

Yan Xiao still looked furious, but his expression turned into astonishment. He stammered, “What… what did you say? Who wants to harm His Honor here?”

The faces of the young man named Wei Jianxing and Uncle Qiu also became extremely solemn.

Wei Jianxing said solemnly, “What do you mean by that?”

Hexi glanced at everyone present with a dark flickering gaze, “The 10 days period I said is to let His Honor’s body and illness be in the best condition first. Originally, His Honor’s condition was already very stable. I’m preparing to do the operation in the next few days. In this way, the success rate of the operation can also be improved by 20-30%. But why would someone make His Honor take medicinal pills that suppress the pain against my orders? Don’t you know that His Honor’s illness will only get worse when you suppressed it even more?”

Hexi’s words involved a lot of strange nouns. Uncle Qiu and others didn’t quite understand them, but they understood the general meaning.

Almost all of them turned their attention on Dr. Min.

Wei Jianxing said solemnly, “Doctor Min, when Xi Yue was away, you prepared all the medicines for His Honor, right?”

Doctor Min’s face was full of panic, and he shook his head in terror, “I didn’t, I didn’t harm His Honor… It’s Doctor Lu. Doctor Lu came to see His Honor yesterday. Before leaving, he gave me a bottle of medicinal pills, saying that it can relieve His Honor’s condition, so I must let His Honor take them.”

Uncle Qiu said angrily, “Who told you to give Lu Xuyang’s medicine to His Honor without authorization?”

Dr. Min fell to his knees on the ground with a thud and said with tears, “His Honor’s previous illness was taken care of by Dr. Lu, and only Dr. Lu can relieve His Honor’s pain. I just heard from Dr. Lu that if His Honor does not take it, his condition will worsen immediately. I don’t know that there will be a conflict between Dr. Lu and Xi Yue’s diagnosis. If you want to accuse me that I want to harm His Honor, I… I would rather die to prove my innocence!”

As he said that, he suddenly took out a dagger and was about to insert it into his heart.

Uncle Qiu and the others were startled, and the person closest to Doctor Min waved his hand and flicked away the dagger.

Yan Xiao also frowned, “Doctor Min has been with His Honor for so many years, so he will not harm His Honor on purpose. It’s all on Lu Xuyang. He is so cunning and sinister that even Dr. Min is used by him. It’s also our fault that we didn’t tell Dr. Min about the ill intentions of Lu Xuyang.”

Dr. Min burst into tears, and he kept repeating his loyalty. His face was indescribably miserable and pitiful.

Uncle Qiu and others also didn’t believe that Dr. Min would really betray His Honor. They could only blame themselves for not reminding Dr. Min of Lu Xuyang’s sinister mind.

Uncle Qiu frowned and looked at Hexi nervously, “Then what should we do now? Can His Honor still be saved?”

Hexi frowned and said, “There is no other way but to perform the surgery immediately. However, because of the condition of the illness, His Honor’s condition is very critical. I don’t know how much success rate is the surgery now. “

Uncle Qiu and the others were really regretful. Obviously, Xi Yue had told them that the success rate was high enough, but because of their carelessness, His Honor was in danger again.

Dr. Min even knelt on the ground with guilt and kept kowtowing. Even blood came from his forehead.

But this way, no one doubted that Dr. Min was deliberately harming His Honor.

There was no time to delay. Fortunately, the room that served as the operating room had already been prepared.

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