Chapter 1326: Start Surgery

Chapter 1326: Start Surgery

There were crystal stones with the strongest brightness everywhere, especially the crystal stones on the operating table were as bright as modern incandescent lamps.

After several days of cleaning and maintenance in the operating room, it was almost completely sterile.

After all, although people in this world were physically strong, a person was often the weakest during an operation. What if he was infected?

The chief surgeon of the operation was of course Hexi, and there were three assistants, namely Nangong Yu, Wei Jianxing and Dr. Min.

Hexi originally only wanted to take Nangong Yu, but the craniotomy, as the name suggests, was to cut open His Honor’s head. This kind of operation sounded incredible, so Wei Jianxing and the others couldn’t rest assured to let Hexi do that to His Honor.

Wei Jianxing was the one who let Hexi come to the Bijing Pavilion when she first visited.

He looked the youngest among the subordinates, only about 30 years old, but his cultivation was the highest among all. He had a calm and reserved aura, even if he was really worried about His Honor’s disease, he still didn’t panic.

Dr. Min was the best doctor with medical skills around the middle-aged man. Uncle Qiu and others were afraid that if Hexi’s operation failed, Dr.Min might be able to save His Honor’s life.

Uncle Qiu and the others watched curiously as Hexi changed into a strange dark green dress with narrow sleeves, and she covered her face with a towel, revealing only a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes.

Even Wei Jianxing and others were instructed by her to change into the same attire.

Uncle Qiu and the others wanted to go in and take another look at His Honor, but they were stopped by Hexi, “If you hope that His Honor can successfully survive the operation, then remember that in the next 2 hours, no one is allowed to disturb us. Don’t allow anyone to enter this operating room.”

“If this operation fails or is interrupted, then even if God comes, he will not be able to save His Honor!”

After speaking, without waiting for Uncle Qiu and others to answer, she quickly closed the door of the operating room.

As soon as the door was closed, Hexi immediately took out a series of surgical tools from the void.

Wei Jianxing and Dr. Min were stunned by the delicate and small surgical equipment; even Nangong Yu was full of curiosity.

Wei Jianxing picked up a scalpel and exclaimed, “What material is this made of? It doesn’t seem to have any spiritual power, nor is it carved with runes, but the edge is extremely sharp.”

Hehe… Stainless steel, tungsten steel… Of course, you haven’t seen this kind of thing.

This set of surgical tools was brought by Hexi and stored in spirit spring water together with the silver needles. They were not actually suitable to be used in the Miluo Continent. Hexi had always wanted to use the rare materials here to create a new set, but she didn’t know how to forge nor did she find the suitable materials, so she still couldn’t do it yet.

Holding a scalpel, Hexi glanced at Wei Jianxing, Dr. Min and finally at the middle-aged man who had been anesthetized before saying solemnly, “Start the operation.”

In the operating room, under Hexi’s skilled operation and explanation, the operation was carried out in an orderly manner. Wei Jianxing and Dr. Min also gradually became calm.

Xi Yue was different from other doctors. When other doctors were treating, they would do everything possible to hide their own treatment methods, for fear that their unique skills would be spied on by others.

However, Xi Yue explained to them the procedure of the operation and the reasons for each operation step.

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