Chapter 1328: Dire Straits

Chapter 1328: Dire Straits

“What?!” The masked man stood up abruptly, staring at Lu Xuyang like a falcon.

Lu Xuyang lowered his eyes and said, “Although I believe that Venerable Hui Yue will die, just in case, we can’t just passively wait. In addition, I also found out that Xi Yue’s treatment plan seems to take a long time and cannot be interrupted.”

The masked man was stunned for a moment, then he made a sinister smile, “Don’t worry, we don’t have to do anything. Someone is already impatient to do it for us. This is the best opportunity to get rid of Venerable Hui Yue!”

As soon as he said, Lu Xuyang heard the sound of fierce fighting coming from the direction of the Bijing Pavilion.

He sneered with his eyes flickering.


“Hemostatic forceps!”


“Press this wound for me.”

Wei Jianxing was also well-informed, but when he saw his respected His Honor’s head was opened up, he was horrified by the image.

Dr. Min’s face was even more pale. He fell to the side, unable to get up for a long time. If Hexi hadn’t given them medicine beforehand, Dr. Min would have vomited by now.

The only assistant who remained calm from beginning to end was probably Nangong Yu.

He was even able to get it just right, and he gently reached out to wipe the sweat off Hexi’s face.

He looked at the man on the operating table with an indifferent gaze, but his eyes on Hexi were gentle.

Wei Jianxing wiped the sweat from his forehead and noticed that his hand holding the hemostat was shaking.

The bloody unknown object that was still beating slightly made his stomach churn for a while.

At this moment, a violent vibration came.

The operating table and even the entire palace swayed slightly. If Hexi hadn’t been quick-witted, the scalpel would have directly cut off His Honor’s cranial nerve.

Hexi raised her head and frowned, “What’s going on?”

Wei Jianxing also had a dignified expression, and there was a killing intent in his eyes, “Xi Yue, you focus on the operation. I’ll go and check it out!”


Outside the palace of the Bijing Pavilion, it was now in dire straits.

In the air above the Bijing Pavilion, a man wearing a dark red robe with long hair looked down arrogantly.

Behind the red-robed man, there were more than a dozen martial artists, each of whom was at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage.

The Phantom Barrier that separated the Bijing Pavilion and the Mojing Pavilion had been removed at this time. The golden masked man, Elder Fei and the others were standing opposite, watching the liveliness with ease.

When Wei Jianxing rushed over, Yan Xiao was yelling at the golden masked man, “Golden Wolf, what are you doing? Have you forgotten that we made an agreement not to attack at will in the Miracle Healer Academy?”

The masked man called the Golden Wolf put his hands around his chest and half smiled, “Yeah! So we didn’t do anything right? It’s just that Xue Sha and the others came over and said they want our Mojing Pavilion’s help to visit Venerable Hui Yue. We can’t really refuse them right?”

“You motherfucker bullshit!” Yan Xiao was furious, “You despicable villains. When His Honor comes out, he will definitely tear you all to pieces!”

The red-robed man in the sky laughed, “It also depends on whether your His Honor can come out alive!”

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