Chapter 1329: Shaky

Chapter 1329: Shaky

With that said, the red-robed man raised his flying sword and slashed it down. The palace was shaking together with the enchantment.

Wei Jianxing was startled. He knew better than anyone that Xi Yue could not be disturbed during the operation.

He took a step forward, rose up and launched a long blade.

The red-robed man had just launched the second strike. Their attacks collided. Then, it was obvious that Wei Jianxing was weaker. His figure trembled in the air, then he was forced back to the ground.

The red-robed man let out a wild laugh, “Wei Jianxing, look at you now! What’s the matter, weren’t you very arrogant before? Why is your attack now like tickling me? You can’t even block 30% of my power. Hahaha… today will be the end of you!”

Wei Jianxing’s face was ashen. He glared fiercely at the people in the sky, “Xue Sha, what do you want? Have you forgotten our Siamese Continent’s rule that we can’t act recklessly in the lower realm?”

“Nothing else!” Xue Sha said with a wicked smile, “It’s just that our His Honor heard that Venerable Hui Yue is still recovering here, so His Honor asks me to greet him. Who knew you would be so disrespectful, so I’ll have to use my own way!”

Wei Jianxing gritted his teeth and said, “Xue Sha, don’t be too arrogant! Do you really think we are afraid of you?”

Hahaha…” Xue Sha arrogantly raised his head and laughed. His eyes were full of malice, “Hui Yue, that old fool, is always so high-sounding and full of morals. When coming to the lower realm, he used the enchantment to suppress your cultivation to the Nascent Soul Stage.”

“Now you can’t even fight against one of my subordinates, and you still dare to talk shit with at me. Hahaha… Wei Jianxing, I really wanted this day to come for so long. I remembered how arrogant you were when you said you were going to abolish me! Now you can only hide in there like a turtle!”

As Xue Sha said, he waved his hand and commanded, “Break this barrier now! When that old Hui Yue is dead, all the treasures will be yours!”

“Yes, my lord!” Xue Sha’s subordinates were overjoyed when they heard the words. They immediately attacked the barrier with greedy eyes.

With Xue Sha’s strong attack, cracks began to appear on the barrier above the Bijing Pavilion.

However, Wei Jianxing and others were suppressed by enchantment, so they couldn’t defend with the power of the Nascent Soul Stage at all.

If they wanted to dispel this enchantment, only Venerable Hui Yue could do it. Otherwise, if they forcibly dispel the enchantment, they will be severely recoiled.

If it was a minor case, their cultivation would drop by 1 level; if it was serious, their meridians would break and their dantians would be damaged.

At this time, in the operating room, Hexi frowned anxiously.

Because of the continuous vibration and turbulence of the palace, she could not feel at ease performing the operation at all.

It was the most delicate brain surgery. The slightest mistake would turn this His Honor into a dumb person.

The longer the delay, the lower the success rate of the surgery.

Seeing the worry in Hexi’s eyes, Nangong Yu turned to look outside, “Xi’er, how long do you need for the operation?”

“About half an hour.”

Nangong Yu nodded and said in a light voice, “I’ll go out and see. You focus on the operation.”

With that said, Nangong Yu quickly came outside.

At this moment, Xue Sha and his subordinates had combined their attacks and launched a dazzling sword light at the barrier.

In the Bijing Pavilion, Wei Jianxing and the others, who were supporting the barrier, were pale and shaky.

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