Chapter 1330: Tian Gang Array

Chapter 1330: Tian Gang Array

If this fierce attack connects, the barrier of the Bijing Pavilion is bound to break.

Yan Xiao and Uncle Qiu even wanted to dispel the enchantment in their bodies at all costs. Even if they became crippled, they would never allow His Honor to have any kind of accident.

At this moment, a powerful spiritual power burst out from them, and it finally converged on the barrier that was about to burst.

The Bijing Pavilion, which was still slightly shaking, had completely stabilized.

Wei Jianxing and the others were all stunned for a while. Even Xue Sha in midair looked at the man who suddenly appeared with surprise.

Nangong Yu’s indifferent eyes swept across the crowd, and his aura belonged the aura of a superior, “If you don’t want your master to die, just do as I say.”

Uncle Qiu was shocked. This man came in together with Xi Yue, but none of them noticed the existence of this man. They only treated him as the most ordinary manservant.

This man would never be a servant at all. The power of the blow just now was at least the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage, and it was no weaker than their power after being suppressed.

However, they didn’t remember such a powerful elder in Miracle Healer Academy at all.

Wei Jianxing took a step forward and said, “May I ask who sir is?”

Nangong Yu sneered. He said with an indescribable indifference and majesty, “You don’t need to know who I’m. If it wasn’t for Xi Yue trying to save your master, I wouldn’t care about helping you guys at all.”

“You just need to answer me, listen or not?”

Uncle Qiu, Wei Jianxing and the others looked at each other with anger in their eyes.

Uncle Qiu even cursed in his mind: The person Xi Yue brought is really just like him. Arrogant and bad-tempered.

However, now that they were in desperation. More importantly, His Honor was at the juncture of life and death. They couldn’t think of any other way to protect His Honor other than trusting the man in front.

Wei Jianxing was the first to calm down and said solemnly, “We listen to you. Please tell us what to do!”

Nangong Yu’s expression didn’t change. He transfigured a dark red long sword in his hand and swung toward the barrier above.

Wherever the sword aura went, it accurately voided the next wave of attack of Xue Sha.

Afterward, he pointed his sword to somewhere in the barrier and said indifferently, “You, channel spiritual power into this position of the barrier.”

Immediately afterward, he pointed to another place and said to Yan Xiao, “You, replenish the spiritual power of this position.”

Yan Xiao muttered with confusion, “What’s the use of this? With our current spiritual power, we can’t stop Xue Sha’s next attack.”

But he was just muttering in his mind, Yan Xiao still did according to Nangong Yu’s instructions.

After a while, Nangong Yu had already pointed to 8 positions and let them channel spiritual power.

He stood at the center of the barrier and drew an unknown symbol.

After the symbol was formed, it turned into a golden light that suddenly rushed to the top of the barrier.

The next moment, a golden light lit up on the originally transparent and insubstantial barrier, and a complicated pattern appeared in the air.

If they looked closely, they would see 9 exceptionally bright dots in this intricate pattern, and they seemed to contain powerful energy.

Wei Chengyuan, who was on the side, saw this complicated pattern, then he said in shock, “Tian Gang Array, how is it possible?! It really is Tian Gang Array!”

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