Chapter 1331: Meddle In

Chapter 1331: Meddle In

Wei Chengyuan’s words confused many people, but people like Wei Jianxing and Uncle Qiu showed a look of astonishment.

Tian Gang Array only existed in the legend. It belonged to the array hundreds of millions of years ago.

This young man in front was only in his 20s, yet he could set up a Tian Gang Array, which was incredible.

However, these people didn’t know how shocked Wei Chengyuan was.

Because many people had never heard of the Tian Gang Array. They only knew that this array powerful and ancient, but few people know that the most difficult thing about Tian Gang Array was not the array, but the final symbol that activated the array.

The process was extremely dangerous. The use of spiritual power and the drawing of the symbol, as long as there was a slight mistake, the array would collapse. A terrifying explosion would occur that stretches for thousands of miles.

But this person set up the Tian Giang Array like he was just breathing. He didn’t look hesitant and nervous at all.

Who is this… person?

Xue Sha in the air also saw the strange runes appearing above the Bijing Pavilion. He was surprised too

He knew all of Venerable Hui Yue’s subordinates, but he had never seen this inconspicuous young man who suddenly appeared.

Moreover, Xue Sha could only see that this man was only at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage, but he felt that this man was shrouded in a mist, making him unable to see it clearly.

It was this person who stabilized the barrier that was about to collapse.

Xue Sha looked down at Nangong Yu coldly and said solemnly, “Boy, who are you? Who told you to meddle in our business?”

Nangong Yu was busy strengthening Tian Gang Array, so he didn’t even bother looking at Xue Sha.

Xue Sha was infuriated in the air. He glared at Nangong Yu, “Court death! Just a mere Nascent Soul Stage, how dare you! I will crush your bone into ashes, and I’ll see if you will still be arrogant by then!”

As he spoke, the sword in his hand, which was originally only 2 feet long, suddenly became 10 feet long.

The giant sword floated in the air, emitting a sinister glow.

Xue Sha folded his hands together, forming a symbol, then the symbol shot a fireball at the giant sword.

Xue Sha pointed at the barrier of the Bijing Pavilion and shouted fiercely, “Break!”

In an instant, the loud whistling sound came as the giant fireball was launched at the barrier.

It was about to engulf the Bijing Pavilion in the next moment.

Even though Wei Chengyuan, Wei Jianxing and the others were full of confidence in Tian Gang Array just now, they still felt the slightest fear when they saw this overwhelming fire.

That was [Endless Black Flame], the flame that could burn everything in the world. Even the spiritual power of the barrier would be devoured little by little.

Venerable An Ye burned the souls of so many people with this [Endless Black Flame], terrifying countless people. Unexpectedly, he actually gave this [Endless Black Flame] to his subordinate Xue Sha.

Tian Gang Array, could it really stop this [Endless Black Flame]?


In the operating room, when the shaking stopped, everything was calm and orderly again.

While exploring the lesions in the middle-aged man’s brain with Divine Sense, Hexi slowly removed the lesion and washed it with diluted spirit spring water.

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