Chapter 1332: Spy

Chapter 1332: Spy

There was a simple hourglass next to the operating table, and the fine sand in the hourglass flowed bit by bit as time passed.

Hexi’s eyes fixed on the comatose patient, so he didn’t see Dr. Min, who was paralyzed by the fear and vomiting, slowly stood up.

At this moment, there was no fear on his face but a malicious intent.

He also had a dagger with an emerald luster in his hand. This dagger was smeared with a deadly poison. Just piercing the skin a little bit could kill someone completely.

Dr. Min approached the Hexi who was concentrating on the operation step by step.

He had been waiting for this moment for a long time. He didn’t dare to do it when Wei Jianxing was there, and he didn’t think it was the best time before that manservant had left.

Having been by Venerable Hui Yue’s side for so many years, he had only one chance to complete the mission given by his master.

That was to put Venerable Hui Yue to death completely!

Now, there are only Xi Yue and Venerable Hui Yue left in this room. As long as he killed Xi Yue, Venerable Hui Yue would surely die.

Thinking of this, Dr. Min’s eyes flashed with fiery excitement.

And his dagger was getting closer and closer to Xi Yue’s back!

Die for me——!

A scream resounded in Dr. Min’s heart. His face suddenly turned hideous, and the knife in his hand stabbed the boy in front of him fiercely.

Puchi“, that was the sound of the dagger piercing into the flesh.

A burst of ecstasy surged in Dr. Min’s heart, but before he could open his mouth to laugh, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his body.

Afterward, he looked at his hand in horror. He had already attacked Xi Yue’s back with a knife; he should have succeeded.

But the fact was, his knife was still held in mid-air, and there were purple vines wrapped around his hand.

Pain, severe pain, spread from his back to his whole body.

Then, he heard the voice of a young little girl behind him, “If you want to disturb the young lady during her surgery, you must also ask us whether we agree or not.”

Dr. Min’s eyes were full of astonishment. He turned to look back with difficulty. What caught his eye were a few young spiritual pets.

There was a pink pig, a black little dragon, a silver little fox, and a silly ugly cow.

These seemingly inconspicuous spiritual pets, if he encountered them at a usual day, he would not care about them at all.

But at this moment, he saw unconcealed ridicule and killing intent in the eyes of these little spiritual pets.

“You…” Dr. Min turned around in pain and looked at the young man who was still concentrating on the operation not far away. His face distorted again because of the pain and unwillingness, “Xi Yue, you… you have been guarding me for a long time?! “

What responded to him was Xi Yue’s indifferent voice, “Little Purple, clean up this person. This is a sterile operating room. Don’t let him contaminate this place.”

The purple vines that were originally wrapped around Dr. Min moved cheerfully. All the vines rose into the sky, wrapping Dr. Min with a terrified face.

Dr. Min shouted sharply: “Xi Yue, I have been following His Honor for many years. If you kill me like this, His Honor will not let you go… ah ah ah!

The screams echoed in the empty room, causing several little guys to cover their ears in disgust.

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