Chapter 1333: Surgery Successful

Chapter 1333: Surgery Successful

Little Golden Dragon even complained, “Little Purple, stop playing and swallow this guy. Don’t disturb boss for surgery.”

Purple Abyss Vine shook. This time, she wrapped Dr. Min into a silkworm cocoon, showing no mercy.

Then came the creepy crackling sounds from the cocoon.

After about 5 minutes, there was no more Dr. Min in the world. There was only a faint smell of blood and clothes scattered all over the room.

The little guys laughed and went back to Hexi’s void hand in hand.

And Hexi’s surgery was gradually coming to an end.

While doing the stitching, she glanced back at the clothes scattered on the ground. Hexi half smiled, “I’m so sorry to kill one of your subordinates. I heard that the old man has been with you for decades, You won’t blame me, will you?”

The next moment, a man’s voice with a leisurely smile sounded in the empty room: “Little girl, my life is still in your hands! What do you think?”

Hexi raised her head and smiled toward an empty space.

In that space, the phantom of a person was floating. It was the middle-aged man who was undergoing surgery.

The movements in Hexi’s hands did not stop for a moment, but a sullen smile appeared on her face, “I thought that if I can’t cure your brain disease, you will really die. It turns out that you still have such a backup plan! What should I say? Is it really older and wiser?”

The middle-aged man in the space, who was Venerable Hui Yue, touched his chin and looked at her meaningfully. There was a deep smile in his eyes, “Little girl, I didn’t expect that there would be someone in this world who can see the soul with the naked eye. Even your little lover, whose identity and strength are unfathomable, didn’t see my soul leaving the body. I didn’t expect you to be able to see it.”

Hexi’s face turned red when she heard that ‘little lover’, and her movements also paused slightly.

Venerable Hui Yue smiled lowly and continued, “Although my soul can exit my body and be reborn, the conditions required are extremely harsh. My strength will also be greatly reduced, and I may no longer be able to control the power at hand. So, if possible, of course I hope that I can continue to live in this body. Little girl, thank you for keeping it a secret for me.”

Hexi smiled lightly, “I’m just not interested in other people’s secrets.”

As she spoke, she sutured the last would, and a full head reappeared before her eyes.

Although there were hideous scars and all the hair was shaved, it was indeed a complete brain.

Venerable Hui Ye in the air took a deep breath. He looked at his body with trembling excitement, “Is the surgery over? Am… I recovered? I can feel my aura circulating smoothly in my brain.”

Hexi let out a long sigh of relief, only to feel that her hands and feet were soft. She almost fell to the ground.

Such a major surgery was really not done by a person.

However, it was finally over. Hexi smirked and said slowly, “The surgery is successful.”


In the Bijing Pavilion, the huge long sword with whistling black flames was about to hit.

Many people in the barrier closed their eyes in horror.

Bang!“, the black flames hit the barrier. The terrifying energy collision emitted a dazzling light.

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