Chapter 1334: Dead?!

Chapter 1334: Dead?!

Even the students of Miracle Healer Academy were attracted by the loud noise and light, and they gathered outside the barrier of the Bijing Pavilion to check it out.

Xue Sha manipulated his flying sword and the black flame. Feeling the black flame swallowing the energy, he revealed a cheerful smile.

[Endless Black Flame] can swallow anything. Just a moment later, the Bijing Pavilion will be reduced to ashes.

And that old fool Hui Yue will also become a pile of dead bones.

However, Xue Sha’s laughter just lasted for a few seconds, then he was startled.

The black flame was swallowing the spiritual power slowly on the barrier of the Bijing Pavilion.

But what was shocking was that the speed of this devouring was far less fast than Xue Sha imagined.

After a closer look, one would find that every time the black flame devoured part of the spiritual power of the barrier, the 9 runes would flash repeatedly.

Immediately afterward, all the spiritual power and energy would converge toward the runes, and the energy of the barrier was finally replenished.

Wei Chengyuan’s face was full of shock and admiration. There was fascination in his eyes. He mumbled, “So this is Tian Gang Array; this is Tian Gang Array! Take the spirit of heaven and earth, gather the essence of all things, and is inexhaustible. The Tian Gang Aura will last forever!”

Wei Jianxing and others were overjoyed when they saw this, and they increased the spiritual power output in their hands again.

Although the Bijing Pavilion’s barrier was still being worn, it was far below the original speed and below their tolerance range.

And Venerable Hui Yue’s surgery had been going on for more than an hour, as long as they persisted a little longer, His Honor would be able to come out.

By the time, what should they be afraid of?

Wei Jianxing and others were spirited, but Xue Sha was full of disbelief.

He didn’t believe that someone in this mere Miluo Continent could resist the devouring ability of [Endless Black Flame]!

What Tian Gang Array? I have never even heard of it. How can it be so powerful?

Xue Sha stared at Nangong Yu below, raised his voice and shouted sharply again, “Who are you exactly? Do you know who I’m? Go against us, you know what will happen to you?”

This time, Nangong Yu finally raised his head. He glanced at Xue Sha casually and sneered, “I never care about the identity of the dead.”

Dead?! Xue Sha’s face was distorted.

At this moment, compared to Wei Jianxing, he suddenly wanted to smash this ignorant boy into ten thousand pieces.

“Do you think you can be safe by hiding in a shitty array? Just wait, I’ll break your turtle shell now, so you can die in the most horrible way!”

Saying that, Xue Sha’s eyes became red. He bit his tongue and spat blood at the giant sword from a distance.

The black flames burned even wilder after contacting the blood on the tip of Xue Sha’s tongue.

The energy of the barrier, which wasn’t exhausted much, also began to drain away frantically.

Xue Sha’s face turned pale. and the blood on the tip of one’s tongue was the essence of a person. He just spouted so much, which was equivalent to losing a lot of his cultivation.

In addition to this [Endless Black Flame], with his current cultivation, he could control it. Therefore, in order to kill Venerable Hui Yue, he had paid a big price.

But in any case, he must complete the mission by Venerable An Ye, and he must also smash all the scumbags below to ashes in order to relieve the hatred in his heart.


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