Chapter 1335: Never Give Up

Chapter 1335: Never Give Up

As the barrier’s energy was swallowed up by the black flames, someone in the Bijing Pavilion finally couldn’t hold it back and spat out a mouthful of blood.

However, even though their faces were pale and their dantians were almost drained, they still held on desperately.

Because they knew that if they backed off, their master’s life would be threatened.

Wei Jianxing’s mouth also began to overflow with blood, but he gritted his teeth tightly and said solemnly, “15 minutes, at most 15 minutes, Xi Yue will be able to save His Honor. We must hold on!”

In fact, Wei Jianxing didn’t even know if Xi Yue’s surgery would be successful or not, and when exactly His Honor would come out.

However, they all knew that they couldn’t retreat! Even if they were going to die!

Nangong Yu’s eyes swept across the few people who were exhausted, and the black spiritual power was absorbed back into his fingertips.

He was hesitating whether to use the dark spiritual power. Although if he could use the dark spiritual power to devour the [Endless Black Flame], this would expose his identity.

By then, it would be troublesome for him to stay in the Miracle Healer Academy to protect Xi’er.

Moreover, this would also lead to a series of troubles.

Suddenly, Nangong Yu sensed something and looked back with a gentle and doting smile on his face.

At the same time, someone finally couldn’t hold it any longer and passed out.

Xue Sha and his men let out a cheer and swarmed toward the opening of the barrier.

Xue Sha laughed wildly, “Kill all these scums!”

Wei Jianxing and the others were full of despair.

Now that their spiritual power was exhausted one by one, even if they wanted to forcibly dispel the seal in them, they could no longer do it.

Are we really going to die here?

Is His Honor really doomed?

Seeing that Xue Sha’s long sword wrapped in black flames was about to hit them, Wei Jianxing and the others closed their eyes in despair.

But the next moment, they felt a familiar aura coming toward them.

If Xue Sha’s black flames could devour everything.

Then this aura was the cold that froze everything, but the cold was mixed with vitality.

The drained dantians of Wei Jianxing and others were fully replenished instantly.

The meridians that were originally painful due to the exhaustion of spiritual power were also healed under the comfort of this spiritual power.

Wei Jianxing suddenly opened his eyes and looked behind him in disbelief.

Everyone who fell on the ground turned around, then they saw a man in a green robe and a crown on his head, slowly walking out of the palace.

Wei Jianxing’s eyes instantly became wet. He shouted in a hoarse voice, “His Honor, are… are you healed?”

The sound of Wei Jianxing brought tears to the eyes of the 8 guardians of Venerable Hui Yue. Yan Xiao, who had the most honest temperament, burst into tears on the spot, “His Honor, it’s great that you are still alive!”

Venerable Hui Yue looked at their battered looks and the blood on their mouths, and his heart was filled with warmth and emotion.

Although Dr. Min’s betrayal disheartened him, these subordinates never left him when he was in the greatest danger.

They even risked their lives to protect him.

These people are the best!

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