Chapter 1336: Die With No Corpse

Chapter 1336: Die With No Corpse

A soft smile appeared on Venerable Hui Yue’s face. He glanced at Wei Jianxing and others one by one. When he finally looked at Xue Sha, who looked sluggish and panicked, the soft smile turned into tyrannical cold malice.

Xue Sha’s subordinates were even more shocked when they saw Venerable Hui Yue. They all trembled with fright.

Suddenly, someone screamed in surprise and fled.

Immediately, someone followed frantically, no longer caring about any orders and missions.

Venerable Hui Yue sneered and waved his hand. An icy aura condensed into tens of millions of sharp blades and flew toward the fleeing people.

Xue Sha originally wanted to escape, but when he saw this person, his feet seemed to be petrified and he couldn’t move. There was an overwhelming fear in his heart.

The next moment, he did see a scene that made him terrified and desperate.

Those of his subordinates wanted to escape, but they couldn’t of course.

Venerable Hui Yue’s sharp blades hit them mercilessly, but Xue Sha didn’t hear their screams.

What he heard were the crackling sounds as the subordinates were turned into ice sculptures in an instant.

In just a second, those ice sculptures shattered and turned into little ice fragments, floating in air.

Their souls and corpses were deleted.

Xue Sha only felt that the blood all over her body was cold. He couldn’t even utter a word.

His rigid gaze fell on Venerable Hui Yue’s face.

His face was radiant and no longer had the pain and depression tormented by the illness. What remained was the majesty and power of the superior.

Venerable Hui Yue He is healed.

No, it’s not! He even becomes stronger than ever!

Xue Sha was completely despairing. He even felt that Venerable An Ye couldn’t match him at all.

However, how is this possible? Venerable Hui Yue’s illness was sentenced to death in the Siam Continent long ago! How could anyone be able to cure him?

Xue Sha retreated step by step. The hand behind his back secretly activated the random teleportation array, and he said with a trembling voice, “Venerable Hui Yue, I… I’m just here to visit you on the order of Venerable An Ye. If you kill it, Venerable An Ye will definitely know. I believe you don’t want to directly go hostile with Venerable An Ye so quickly, do you?”

As he kept talking, the teleportation array hidden behind his back also quickly activated. Feeling the energy spread from the teleportation talisman, Xue Sha was overjoyed. His face showed a bit of a different expression.

However, before Xue Sha’s smile spread in his eyes, Venerable Hui Yue sneered and waved his hand lightly.

The next moment, Xue Sha had a terrified look on his face.

His mouth was wide open, but before he could make a sound, his entire body had already burst open with a bang.

There was not even a drop of blood. He was also turned into ice fragments.

Everyone present was stunned by this scene.

Xue Sha was at least at the early stage of the Soul Splitting Stage, but Venerable Hui Yue could exterminate him within a second.

The most shocking and horrifying of all were definitely the golden masked man and others in the Mojing Pavilion.

They thought they would wait for the news of Venerable Hui Yue’s death, but who knew that he actually recovered.

Elder Fei’s eyes were filled with fear and joy. He looked coldly at Lu Xuyang, who had lost his soul, and sneered, “President Lu, didn’t you say that Venerable Hui Yue will definitely die? Didn’t you say that Xi Yue’s medical skills are just so so? What’s going on now? Venerable Hui Yue has not only recovered, but his cultivation is a little higher than before!”

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