Chapter 1337: Unreasonable

Chapter 1337: Unreasonable

“That’s what you guarantee there is absolutely no one better than your medical skills in the Miluo Continent?”

Lu Xuyang’s face was pale. His eyes flashed with a cold light, and he stared straight at the young man who was following behind Venerable Hui Yue in the distance.

The young man standing there had a beautiful and unparalleled face. His expression was indifferent as if nothing could move him.

Lu Xuyang couldn’t suppress the flame of jealousy growing in his body. He is only a boy of 17 years old, but he even cured a terminal illness that I thought could not be cured. Such a talent, such an ability… why don’t they belong to me?

The most unbearable thing for Lu Xuyang was that the golden masked man and others who originally valued him and believed in him also looked at him gloomily at this time as if they were looking at a useless waste.

The position that he had worked so hard to earn was completely ruined.

Lu Xuyang gritted his teeth with hatred, but he forced himself to endure it. He put up a lonely and guilty look as he said, “I’m sorry to disappoint sir with my poor medical skills. But that Xi Yue is young, it’s impossible for him to have such superb medical skills. I wonder if he has some kind of treasure on him!”

The golden masked man’s eyes flashed. His cold eyes swept over the young man behind Venerable Hui Yue, then he frowned, “Now that kid is favored by Hui Yue, we can’t touch him. However, we must find a way to get him to our side. If he doesn’t want to, destroy him completely!”

Elder Fei, who was standing on the side, quickly bowed after hearing the words, “Yes, sir.”

Having said that, Venerable Hui Yue looked over with sarcasm and coldness.

Even the golden masked man felt intimidated against Venerable Hui Yue like this.

But he wasn’t afraid. Venerable Hui Yue had an agreement with his master that he would never attack them in the lower realm.

It’s just that Venerable Hui Yue has recovered and now knows the truth, so he definitely won’t let it go. I should hurry back and report this!

Thinking of this, the golden masked man waved his hand to set up the barrier that isolated the 2 pavilions.

When Wei Jianxing and the others saw them leave, they immediately said angrily, “His Honor, do you just let these guys go? Especially that Lu Xuyang, he actually defected to their side and secretly harmed His Honor. How can we allow such a scum to live?”

Venerable Hui Yue sneered, “Don’t worry, as long as I’m healed, how much time do you think they have?”

When everyone heard this, they were overjoyed. Uncle Qiu looked at Venerable Hui Yue with tears and said excitedly, “His Honor, are you really cured? Will your illness recur?”

Venerable Hui Yue smiled slightly and did not speak, but he looked at Hexi.

Immediately afterward, everyone’s eyes fell on Hexi. They stared at her with excitement and nervousness as if she didn’t speak, they would open her mouth and dig the answer out of it.

Hexi smiled slightly. There was no excitement on her face, “The surgery is a success. There are no sequelae.”

“Rea… really?” Yan Xiao was the first to shout. His rough voice carried a sobbing tone, “Xi Yue… No, no, Miracle Healer Xi, you mean that His Honor will never be sick again? Will he live forever?”

Hexi shrugged, “If he lives long enough, I think he can live forever.”

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