Chapter 1338: Owe First

Chapter 1338: Owe First

As soon as Hexi said this, everyone immediately cheered excitedly.

Although they already knew the answer just now, they couldn’t help but be ecstatic when it was confirmed at this moment.

Uncle Qiu and the others even had red eyes and kept thanking Hexi.

Yan Xiao shouted excitedly with his hoarse voice, “Hahaha, those scums were really so arrogant. Now it’s good. Dare to plot against us? I will go and get rid of them when we return!”

Wei Jianxing suppressed his excitement and asked Venerable Hui Yue, “His Honor, now that your illness has recovered, are we going back to the Siam Continent?”

Venerable Hui Yue nodded with a contemptuous smile on his face, “Of course, we have to go back. Maybe I’m away for so long that they forget about my existence. Hehe, it’s time to go back and clean up the Divine Moon Palace.”

With a wave of his hand, Wei Jianxing and the others lit up with a dazzling light.

Immediately afterward, Hexi was surprised to find that the aura of these people had changed. Their bodies naturally exuded a strong coercion.

Even Hexi was always calm, she couldn’t help but be slightly surprised: each of the 8 Venerable Hui Yue’s guards has the strength of the Soul Splitting Stage. Wei Jianxing who has the highest cultivation is close to the intermediate stage of the Soul Splitting Stage.

Such strength can completely dominate the entire Miluo Continent.

Wei Jianxing and others had even more surprises on their faces, and the depression that was originally suppressed by Xue Sha and others was instantly swept away.

The eight knelt down and kowtowed to Venerable Hui Yue, “Thanks His Honor!”

The other guards and servants in the Bijing Pavilion shivered because of the sudden pressure. Their eyes revealed an instinctive fear.

Even Wei Chengyuan had to force himself to calm down so that he wouldn’t lose his manner.

The only person in the audience who was not affected was probably Nangong Yu.

Since Xue Sha was eliminated, he once again restrained his aura and stood quietly behind Hexi.

He would grab her soft little hand from time to time and play gently.

Even if Wei Jianxing and others recovered their strength, no one was aware of his existence.

Venerable Hui Yue motioned for Wei Jianxing and others to get up, then he walked slowly to Hexi.

His eyes swept around Nangong Yu for a while before looking at Hexi again, “Xi Yue, how can I thank you for your life-saving grace?”

Hexi frowned slightly.

She thought of Wu Qi in a coma. If I ask Venerable Hui Yue to get back Wu Qi’s Wood Vitality Pearl or wood crystal, would it be feasible?

Such thoughts swirled in her mind, but Hexi finally rejected them.

Although Venerable Hui Yue is very powerful, it is not something that Elder Fei and the others can compete with, but from Venerable Hui Yue knowing that Lu Xuyang harmed him, but not being able to punish him at will, it seems that Elder Fei’s side is not small.

If I tell Venerable Hui Yue about Wu Qi’s situation, what if Venerable Hui Yue wants to take Wu Qi away instead of saving him because he is a beastkin?

Or even if Venerable Hui Yue is willing to save him, the people on the side of Elder Fei will simply destroy Wu Qi’s Wood Vitality Pearl. At that time, Wu Qi is really beyond saving.

Venerable Hui Yue saw Hexi frowning and hesitating, and he smiled slightly, “Xi Yue, if you haven’t thought about it, I can owe you first. When you know what you want, let the principal of Miracle Healer Academy to inform me. As long as I receive the news, I will definitely do it for you.”

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