Chapter 1339: Siam Continent

Chapter 1339: Siam Continent

Venerable Hui Yue threw out a crystal clear, colorful and smooth token as he spoke.

The words “Hui Yue” were engraved on the token. Just looking at it made people feel awe-inspiring.

Hexi was slightly moved. Not to mention the meaning of the token, the token itself seemed to be a rare treasure that Miluo Continent could hardly see.

Venerable Hui Yue said, “If one day, you come to Siam Continent, as long as you take out this token, the people of Divine Moon Palace will unconditionally listen to your orders. Of course, once you use up this opportunity, the token will be taken back.”

Hexi nodded and smiled. She was very satisfied with the reward.

However, what Hexi didn’t see was that when the token entered the void, strands of strange white mist began to appear in the void of the Sumeru Ring and wrap around the token.

After a while, the white mist dissipated, and the token disappeared without a trace as if nothing had happened.

This change happened so quickly that even the little ones playing in the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field didn’t notice at all.

The only strange thing was that after the token disappeared, the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring seemed to increase in volume again, and the spring water became clearer. It seemed to exude a faint fragrance.

Hexi, who was outside the void, didn’t know at all that the reward she finally got disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Venerable Hui Yue looked at Wei Chengyuan with a faint smile, “Boy of the Wei Family, I will remember your achievements. This time it is thanks to you. If you hadn’t found Xi Yue, I’m afraid……”

Venerable Hui Yue said gratefully to Wei Chengyuan, but his demeanor was aloof. There was a hint of natural majesty and nobility.

But Wei Chengyuan didn’t mind. He even bowed his head a little flattered, “His Honor is giving me too much credit. It is a blessing to all of us that His Honor can live well.”

Hexi raised her eyebrows slightly. Is this the innate sense of superiority that people from the upper realm have over people from the lower realm?

She thought of the Immortal Zi Jin in Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory, the Little Golden Dragon and the carelessness of her Master when playing with Hei Sha.

All the people from the Siam Continent had an arrogance imprinted in their bones toward the people from the Miluo Continent.

And the martial artists of the Miluo Continent also had a natural yearning for the distant Siam Continent.

What kind of place is Siam Continent?

Under the order of Venerable Hui Yue, Wei Jianxing praised the guards and servants in Bijing Pavilion one by one.

Wei Jianxing gave the magic weapons of rank 7 and rank 8, and there were also many medicinal pills that everyone in Miluo Continent was fighting for. In fact, these magic weapons and medicinal pills were useless to Wei Jianxing and the others.

However, the guards and servants who got them burst into tears. Some even knelt down and kowtowed.

Venerable Hui Yue walked up to Hexi slowly, looking at her with a smile.

It was just that there was no sense of superiority in this gaze, only the kindness of an elder, “Little girl, in fact, I planned to take you back to Siam Continent together after you cured my illness.”

When Venerable Hui Yue said these words, he set up a barrier around he and Hexi, so the others could not hear their conversation.

But this did not include Nangong Yu.

Nangong Yu frowned almost immediately, and a cold chill flickered in his eyes.

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