Chapter 1340: Magical Beast Forest Trip

Chapter 1340: Magical Beast Forest Trip

This man called Xi’er little girl, and he said he wanted to take Xi’er away!

Venerable Hui Yue turned his eyes on Nangong Yu at the right time. He smiled slightly, “However, when I see him, I know that you will not follow me, and I don’t need me to take you to Siam Continent.”

Nangong Yu sneered, “That depends on whether you have the ability to take her away!”

Venerable Hui Yue heard the words, but instead of being angry, he laughed out loud. After laughing for a while, his expression became solemn and his eyes looked complicated, “I seem to feel a powerful spiritual aura from you, but…”

Hexi and Nangong Yu glanced at each other, and they both saw doubts in each other’s eyes.

Hexi hurriedly asked, “But what?”

A trace of solemnity and fear flashed in Venerable Hui Yue’s eyes, then he shook her head as if he wanted to shake off the strange thoughts. He said with a half smile, “Little girl, you have a good eye for picking man. However, before you choose to marry this man, you should think about how to remove the cold poison in his body.”

After finishing speaking, without waiting for Hexi’s reaction, he waved to Wei Jianxing and others.

As Wei Jianxing and others stood beside Venerable Hui Yue, Venerable Hui Yue formed a gesture with both hands, then a huge teleportation array appeared around them.

With a flash of white light, Venerable Hui Yue and others disappeared on the spot. At the same time, those powerful and dark auras in the Mojing Pavilion also disappeared.

In the dean room of Miracle Healer Academy, Jin Licheng was holding the inscribed jade slip in his hand, pacing back and forth restlessly.

Jin Licheng had been the dean of Miracle Healer Academy for more than 20 years. During this period, he had experienced countless ups and downs, but this was the first time he had the idea of resigning.

Deputy Dean Jiang at the side was also affected by Jin Licheng’s uneasiness. He asked nervously, “Dean, what happened really?”

Jin Licheng stopped and looked at his friend, Deputy Dean Jiang, on the opposite with a hesitant expression.

At this moment, a manservant’s report suddenly came from outside the door, “Dean, Doctors Association President Lu and several elders are asking to see you.”

Jin Licheng’s expression froze, he frowned even tighter, and a gleam of coldness flashed across his eyes.

He took a deep breath and said to the manservant, “Let them in!”

When Deputy Dean Jiang heard President Lu’s name, he looked shocked, “I heard that President Lu was ordered to be killed by Venerable Hui Yue, how… how could he still have the guts to come to Miracle Healer Academy?”

Jin Licheng sneered and said, “Because he knows that Venerable Hui Yue is busy dealing with the Dark Night Clan now, and he has Golden Wolf backing him up, so no one in the Miracle Healer Academy dares to touch him now.”

Deputy Dean Jiang frowned and said, “Isn’t he afraid that Venerable Hui Yue will free up his matters and settle accounts with him?”

Before Jin Licheng could answer, there was a knock on the door of the room, and then a middle-aged man came into the room with several old men who were over a hundred years old.

This middle-aged scribe was naturally Lu Xuyang.

As soon as he entered Dean’s room, he immediately bowed Jin Licheng with an indescribably graceful and humble manner, but there was an unconcealable arrogance in his eyes, “Dean Jin, long time no see.”

Jin Licheng said indifferently, “President Lu won’t come here if there is nothing important. What’s more, I heard that President Lu just ran away from Miracle Healer Academy in a hurry a few days ago, so why are you here again?”

Lu Xuyang didn’t look annoyed being ridiculed. He just smile, “I’m here by the order of Sir Golden Wolf to ask Dean about the arrangement of the trip to the magical beast forest.”

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