Chapter 1341: Must Die

Chapter 1341: Must Die

After Jin Licheng heard the words, he said in a rage, “Lu Xuyang, are you all crazy? Magical beast forest? Even if the martial artists at the Nascent Soul Stage enter, they will also face life danger. Now you actually want those students in the academy to hunt the magical beasts? Are you trying to kill all the students in the academy?”

Lu Xuyang’s expression was still indifferent and his smile was gentle, but it also looked extremely cruel, “Dean Jin is really funny. The Miracle Healer Academy was established by Lord and the others. These students may also be sent to Siam Continent in the future, why would Lord kill them?”

“It’s just…” Lu Xuyang paused, and the gentleness on his face turned into sarcasm, “The Lord is tolerant. He created the Miracle Healer Academy to train them, but it doesn’t mean that they can be lazy and incompetent, and don’t want to pay back.”

“This time, Lord needs a lot of beastkin cubs to improve his strength. It’s time to temper these students and let them serve Lord!”

Jin Licheng burst into flames and said angrily, “Even if you want beastkin cubs, you can let the elders of the academy go. Why do you want to put the students of the academy in danger? Why don’t you elders of the Doctors Association go?”

Lu Xuyang raised his eyebrows and said with a leisurely smile, “Who said the elders of our Doctors Association won’t go? The elders behind me will follow the students and elders of Miracle Healer Academy to the magical beast forest.”

“Since Dean is worry that all the students in the academy will die, I have an idea.” Lu Xuyang smiled and said slowly, “Each branch will send half of the students to the magical beast forest to hunt for beastkin. The branch’s deans and elders, except for those who must stay behind, everyone else will go together. In this way, the safety of the students can always be guaranteed, right?”

Jin Licheng also wanted to refute: “But we don’t have a map of the magical beast forest, and we don’t know the depth of it…”

Before Jin Licheng finished speaking, he was interrupted by the cold-faced Lu Xuyang. This time, there was no smile on his face, “Dean Jin, don’t forget, my daughter Zhixi is also going to the magical beast forest. Am I going to hurt my daughter?”

“If Jin Dean is still unwilling to agree to this, then I can only report to Sir Golden Wolf. At that time, let alone whether Dean Jin’s position can be maintained, how many of those branch deans can remain… And what will happen to your son in Siam Continent, Dean Jin better think about it!”

Jin Licheng’s face turned green and pale for a while, but in the end, he could only compromise. He said resentfully, “I will post a notice for students above the intermediate stage of the Gold Core Stage to go. Letting the students below the Gold Core Stage go to the magical beast forest will only kill them.”

Lu Xuyang didn’t disagree, but his eyes flashed with malicious intent. He said with a faint smile, “Oh, right, I remember that there is a student named Xi Yue in the Huang Medical Branch. Although he is only at the Foundation Establishment stage, his real strength can even defeat the intermediate stage of the Gold Core Stage. And I heard that Xi Yue’s medical skills are also superb… Other students below the Gold Core Stage can be spared, but this Xi Yue, I think he must go, right?”

Jin Licheng’s eyebrows twitched. He smelled a conspiracy from Lu Xuyang’s words.

However, Lu Xuyang’s words were well-founded, so he couldn’t refute it and could only bitterly agree.

A satisfied smile appeared on Lu Xuyang’s face, and a gloomy light flashed across his eyes.

That young man whose talent and luck are thousands of times better than mine, so he… must die!

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