Chapter 1342: Fight

Chapter 1342: Fight

At this time, Hexi was also very depressed.

As Venerable Hui Yue left, the people in the Mojing Pavilion also disappeared without a trace in an instant.

She and Nangong Yu searched the Mojing Pavilion upside down, but they couldn’t find anything useful, let alone Wood Vitality Pearl or Wood Crystal.

If the Wood Vitality Pearl belonging to Wu Qi cannot be found, it meant that Wu Qi couldn’t be recovered.

Even if Hexi’s medical skills were superb, she was a little helpless in this situation.

Seeing Xiao Li suppressing her sadness and smiling to her, but she turned his back to secretly wipe away her tears, Hexi felt so sorry for the little fox.

There was another thing that made her depressed. Hexi remembered throwing the jade token given by Venerable Hui Yue into the void.

However, after she searched the entire void, she couldn’t find any trace of the jade token.

Even Little Egg and the others don’t see it. This is really… strange.

Nangong Yu was very happy. Thinking of the old man who recognized Xi’er’s identity as a woman and wanted to take Xi’er away, Nangong Yu was very upset.

He didn’t want Xi’er to go to that old man again in the future. Now that the jade token was lost, it really suited his heart.

As for the possibility that Xi’er would seek Venerable Hui Yue for help in the future, Nangong Yu crossed this possibility without hesitation.

As long as he was by Xi’er’s side, Xi’er didn’t need to ask for help from anyone. She just had to rely on him.

Of course, Nangong Yu thought so in his heart, but he didn’t show it on the surface. Instead, he comforted Hexi gently.

When they returned to the dormitory from the Mojing Pavilion again, they saw Xuan Mu’s cold face.

Xuan Mu had disappeared since he was cured by Hexi that day.

Hexi had long been accustomed to the disappearance of this roommate from time to time, so she didn’t care at all.

But Nangong Yu has always been brooding over this matter, thinking that this person absolutely didn’t have kind intention toward Xi’er.

So for Xi’er’s safety, he relied on his strong strength to avoid being discovered and stay in the Huang No. 1 Dormitory.

Hexi was not surprised to see Xuan Mu. She examined him up and down, then he nodded and said, “It seems that you have fully recovered.”

Xuan Mu nodded, but he looked at Nangong Yu with cold eyes, “You, get out!”

Nangong Yu’s eyes were piercing. He raised his eyebrows and sneered, “Who are you? You dare to order me!”

Xuan Mu’s expression was still cold, but his aura suddenly rose, “This is the dormitory of Xi Yue and I. You are not qualified!”

The aura erupting from Xuan Mu’s body was extremely terrifying, shaking everything in the entire dormitory slightly.

Tong Bing, who rushed over, was caught by this aura and fell to the ground with a terrified expression.

Nangong Yu seemed unaware of this. He also exuded the same fierce aura. He said with killing intent, “Whether I’m qualified or not, it is not up to you. If I kill you, I’m qualified, right?”

As soon as he said, they moved at the same time.

Lights were intertwining in the dormitory, and the bed that Hexi had just found a manager to repair was crumbling again. The herbs on the shelf also fell off.

Tong Bing ran over in a panic, grabbed Hexi’s hand and shouted, “Brother Xi Yue, they, why did they fight? Brother Xuan Mu’s injury has just healed, will he get hurt again? Can you tell them to stop?”

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