Chapter 1343: Satiefied?

Chapter 1343: Satiefied?

Hexi looked impatiently at the 2 who were going to destroy the dormitory, and she said coldly, “If you want to fight, fight outside. Whoever destroys the things in the dormitory will pay 10 times the compensation. Also, if you like to demolish the house so much, then all of you should sleep in the yard at night!”

As soon as Hexi finished speaking, the 2 people who had been fighting quickly separated.

They glared at each other. There seemed to be sparks between them.

Nangong Yu said coldly, “Go out?”

Xuan Mu accepted the challenge without hesitation, “Go!”

As soon as the words fell, they had disappeared from the dormitory.

Tong Bing was dumbfounded for a moment. He looked at Hexi with a face full of disbelief, “Brother Xi Yue, didn’t… didn’t I tell you to stop them? Why did you… you let them fight outside? Don’t you worry that Brother Xuan Mu will get hurt?”

Hexi closed his eyes and entered into a cross-legged state. Hearing the words, he said indifferently, “Don’t worry, they won’t die. Even if they are half dead, I can still save them.”

After finishing speaking, Hexi no longer cared about Tong Bing and quickly entered the state of meditation.

For some reason, recently, she always felt that her stagnant cultivation was slowly advancing again. She seemed to be closer and closer to the real Gold Core Stage.

Hexi even felt that there was only a thin film separating her from the Gold Core Stage, but she couldn’t find a way to pierce the thin film for a while.

Tong Bing watched Hexi indifferently closing her eyes and meditating, feeling only a burst of disappointment in his mind.

He hurried to the door, staring at the dark night sky bewilderedly, looking forward to Xuan Mu’s safe return.

How can Xi Yue be so heartless? Xuan Mu is his friend, but Xi Yue doesn’t care about Xuan Mu’s life at all. Even a bed in the dormitory is more important than Xuan Mu in Xi Yue’s eyes.

Xi Yue had already treated Xuan Mu so indifferently, why… why does Xuan Mu still treat Xi Yue so well?

Time passed second by second, and the night was getting darker and darker. Tong Bing’s feet were getting more and more numb. He had been standing here for almost 2 hours.

Suddenly, Hexi on the bed opened her eyes, staring at the front and slowly restraining the aura around her.

The next moment, 2 figures suddenly appeared in the room.

Seeing the 2 who had left for 2 hours, Hexi couldn’t help laughing out loud.

It was the first time she saw Nangong Yu in such a mess.

Although he wore a mask, even the mask couldn’t hide the injuries on his face and hands.

Even his clothes became tattered, revealing his half-naked chest and the tiny wounds inside.

Compared with Nangong Yu, Xuan Mu’s situation was not much better.

Not only was his face bruised, his forehead was also bruised. His clothes were also torn, and there was a smell of blood. He was in such a mess as if he had just been beaten up.

Hexi clenched a fist and pressed it to her lips to cough lightly to hold back a laugh, then she jumped off the bed and asked loudly, “How? You 2 satisfied?”

Neither of them spoke.

Nangong Yu hugged Hexi in his arms smoothly, bowed his head and kissed her on the cheek, then he smiled provocatively at Xuan Mu.

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