Chapter 1345: Tong Bing’s Resentment

Chapter 1345: Tong Bing’s Resentment

Nangong Yu smiled even more, and he still did not forget to show off to Xuan Mu provocatively.

Xuan Mu snorted and wanted to ignore it, but he was really upset when he watched Xi Yue carefully heal Nangong Yu as if she had forgotten his own existence.

For Nangong Yu, he was disdainful and disgusted at the beginning. How could he put a lower realm martial artist into his eye?

However, after they fought, they inexplicably appreciated each other.

Xuan Mu had been in Miluo Continent for so many years, and he had long forgotten what it was like to have a hearty fight with someone.

But in today’s match with Nangong Yu, both of them were content in the fight, which also made Xuan Mu have a little admiration for Nangong Yu.

He grew up in Siam Continent. Being able to achieve the current level of cultivation was already genius among the geniuses.

And this man, whose age was younger than him, could have such strength. Even Xuan Mu couldn’t help but look at him differently.

As a result, he couldn’t beat Nangong Yu to death and couldn’t chase him away. He also felt very annoyed seeing him here.

Xuan Mu could only snort, picked up the external injury medicine Hexi gave him and walked out of the dormitory with a cold face.

“Brother Xuan Mu!” Tong Bing cried out in surprise when he saw Xuan Mu coming out. He rushed over.

Later, Tong Bing saw the loneliness on Xuan Mu’s face.

He looked inside and saw that Hexi was treating her servant’s injury intimately.

Tong Bing suddenly realized something, and he quickly stepped forward and grabbed Xuan Mu’s sleeve, begging, “Brother Xuan Mu, you are injured. If Xi Yue doesn’t apply the medicine for you, I will help you apply the medicine, okay? Whatever you want me to do, I’m willing to do it!”

Xuan Mu turned to look at him.

Tong Bing only felt that his heart was about to pop out of his chest.

He looked obsessively at the man in front of him with scorching eyes.

The disgust in Xuan Mu’s eyes was even more. He said coldly in a flat voice, “If Xi Yue hadn’t taken you in, you would have died ten thousand times already! Get lost!”

After speaking, his figure flickered and disappeared in place.

Tong Bing’s blood seemed to turn from boiling to freezing all of a sudden.

He stood there blankly for a long time. Finally, he couldn’t hold back the tears.

Tong Bing stood for a long time, then he looked into the dormitory.

The lights in the dormitory were warm and bright. Xi Yue and her lover were cuddling each other as if there was no gap between them.

However, such intimacy was gouging Xuan Mu’s heart.

Tong Bing remembered that on the night when the Mojing Pavilion was stolen, he clearly saw Xi Yue running to Xuan Mu’s bed, and she was still intimately close to him.

Why? Why did Xi Yue hook up with another man after only a few days?

Doesn’t Xi Yue know that Brother Xuan Mu will be sad if he does this?

Or, is Xi Yue good at playing people’s minds?

What about me? I’m so kind and dedicated to Brother Xuan Mu, but Brother Xuan Mu doesn’t even bat an eye on me!

Even allowing me to live in Huang No. 1 Dormitory is because of Xi Yue! Just because of this flirtatious Xi Yue?

Tong Bing thought of Xuan Mu’s last words, and the pain and sorrow in his eyes finally turned into a vague resentment.

He was crying in a dark corner. Looking at Xi Yue who was smiling softly and sweetly under the light of the crystal stone, his mumbled, “Xi Yue, it would be great if you disappear. Then, this place will belong to me and Brother Xuan Mu, and Brother Xuan Mu will not be sad anymore…”

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