Chapter 1346: Hexi’s Worry

Chapter 1346: Hexi’s Worry

In the dormitory, Nangong Yu felt the fiery and sinister gaze, then he turned his head.

But there was only darkness in his eyes, and no figure was seen.

As his Divine Sense spread, apart from Hexi and him in the entire dormitory, only the weakling boy curled up in his room and cried pitifully.

Nangong Yu frowned. Am I really overthinking?

After treating Nangong Yu’s last wound, Hexi looked at his body covered with bandages and said with a frown, “Nangong Yu, it’s almost 1 year.”

Nangong Yu was taken aback for a moment, then he immediately showed a wicked smile, hugged the girl into his arms, and whispered in her ear, “Yes, if Xi’er didn’t say it, I almost forgot about it. Unknowingly, we have known each other for almost a year, but Xi’er, you have not become my wife. Tsk, it seems that my efficiency is really too low!”

Hexi was originally full of sadness, but she was amused by his words.

With a wave of her hand, the door of the dormitory closed immediately. Purple Abyss Vine began to spread in her own dormitory, isolating the outside world and the inner room.

Hexi tapped his chest and said seriously, “Be serious, you know what I’m telling you.”

Nangong Yu grabbed her hand, leaned close to kiss her lips, and bit her jade-like finger, then he said with burning eyes, “What else is more serious than Xi’er you marrying me?”

Hexi felt that she was about to be defeated by this shameless man, so she pushed away his face in disgust, wiped her wet finger on her shirt and said, “Your sickness is about to trigger soon, but I don’t know if the treatment last time will still be useful.”

Thinking of this, Hexi felt a little depressed.

She had cured so many people. Even Venerable Hui Yue who suffered from epilepsy and a brain tumor could be treated successfully through surgery.

But for Nangong Yu’s illness, she was still helpless.

During this year, Hexi also kept checking Nangong Yu’s body.

But she was shocked to find that the “cold poison” in Nangong Yu’s body seemed to be alive.

It memorized her own treatment plan and developed “antibodies” naturally.

In other words, if Nangong Yu got sick again this year, the treatment method she used last year might not have the same effect.

Similarly, although Nangong Yu suppressed the “cold poison” with the Blazing Sun Heavenly Flame in the Flame Cave every year, the “cold poison” in his body had become more and more resistant to the “Blazing Sun Heavenly Flame”.

It was very likely that in another year or two or even less than a year, Nangong Yu would suffer serious injury in the next trigger.

Nangong Yu saw that the girl in his arms was frowning worriedly, he couldn’t help hugging her and kissing, “Don’t worry, I still want to marry you. How can I die so easily?”

Hexi stretched out her hands and hugged him tightly. The uneasiness and fear in her heart gradually calmed down in the embrace.

A year ago, she treated Nangong Yu’s injury just to pay off the debt.

But now, as long as she thought about losing this man, she would feel the heart-wrenching pain.

“Jade Fire Toad, is there any news yet?”

With the Jade Fire Toad, even if there is no way to completely eradicate the cold poison, Hexi was confident that it would be able to suppress the cold poison for at least 10 years.

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